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    I find it weird that smeg hasn't said it yet but the JX10 pairs perfectly but I am having some audio problems (quality).
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    Quote Originally Posted by q823
    I have my 700 on order, but am using the H850 with my E815...I was planning on just pairing the two, but it doesn't look like anyone has paired them together...
    Had the same combo and upgraded to the 700 - no problems at all.

    My CompUSA Bluetooth card is another matter, however. I can't get it to sync with my laptop or my desktop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by racekarl
    Successfully paired with Parrot CK3000 Evolution
    What about Parrot features available with the 700w -
    -automatic phone book transfer?
    -voice dialing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hannip
    Successfully paired with

    1) ANYCOM HS-890 headset
    2) HP Pavilion dv8000t laptop with built-in bluetooth

    But does it work good with a Treo 650?
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    H700 - Pairs fine - Poor audio Quality (static etc)
    Bluetrek G2 - Pairs fine - Poor audio Quality (static etc)
    HS820 - Good a little Loud though
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    Quote Originally Posted by Plasman
    What about Parrot features available with the 700w -
    -automatic phone book transfer?
    -voice dialing?
    Only numbers it transfers are the speed dials you setup. It does do voice dialing but it uses the parrot and you have to setup voice tags for each speed dial.
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    Successfully paired with:

    1. ISSC USB dongle - using Bluesoleil - works fine, but can't get ActiveSync to work under Bluetooth, though DUN from PDANet works great.

    2. H700 - Static is so bad I just can't use it. Trying to get it replace.
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    I paired my Sprint Treo 650 with my new Maxima and it is working perfectly. I was sceptical that it would work because of some of the posts I've read but it works. Love the car too!!
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    Successful pairing with Jabra BT-150 (although it SUCKS)
    Successful pairing with Pharos iGPS-360 unit
    Unsuccessful pairing with Plantronics Exp. 320 (although someone else reported success?!)
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    Success with Ford's MobileEase BT Carkit. Audio's a bit low but works fine...Now need A2DP!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JawsNJ View Post
    Pairing for my 04 Acura TL is spotty at best. 700W seems to connect every other call successfully. Also takes 20 30 seconds for the car to find the phone. My BB used to connect upon ignition???

    Jabra BT250V was returned for excessive crackling sound, but paired fine.

    I understand they are working on a BT patch to fix the erratic functionality.
    I have the same problem with Acura 04 TL... Sometimes it doesnt pair at all and I had to tell the car NEXT PHONE.. It says no phone has been found but pairs right after it says that. Stupid Car.

    Any dialing from the phone requires Menu then C for connect to connect bluetooth. The 700 p I had also required manual connection like that althoug my 650 always connected without issue.

    It is VERY sluggish in answering and hanging up.. takes a bunch of time.

    The 700p and 650 after firmware upgrade had the signal stregnth meter showing. .. not battery... This has NO meter showing on car...

    Why do Treos alwyas have to have inadequate bluetooth when little 60 dollar phones dfrom Sanyo don't?

    Where did you hear about apatch or fix.. when can we expect it? The bluetooth is very iffy.

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