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    I saw on MTDN a picture of a 700W on its side showing off the ability to rotate the screen with Windows. Can someone explain how that would be used on a device with a square screen?
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    The only use for it I have had so far is leaning the thing on its side while I was watching a movie on a plane. The headphones come out of the bottom so I can't really stand it up in portrait mode and watch a movie but on its side there's no problem.
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    Ie. making it stand steady in a wireless keyboard...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jorang
    Ie. making it stand steady in a wireless keyboard...
    Yep. It's very cool for using with the wireless keyboard. More stable and lets you use the headphone jack.

    I'm testing a 650 solution for this. It's a little buggy, but on my last flight I did about 1 1/2 hours of rotated email. It was great, the thing didn't move, I was listening to good tunes, and I had room on the crappy little table for my glass of wine. (and the guy in front of me was reclined!)
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    I just figured that other devices with the same WM5 OS but differently configured screens would best use this feature. No sense in removing it from the code for the Treo owners.

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