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    I really loved my 650, but the 700 is vastly superior.
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    I second that as well. I loved the 650, but the 700 is my new favorite.
    Brian McGuire
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    I haven't decided - I like the EVDO and multitasking, but it has too many quirks / incompatibilities that may decide for me:

    - Delta schedules don't work even though its WM5 compatible - probably a screen issue
    - Progarm switching is slow - I hate waiting for teh HAppy Fun ball to stop spinning
    - lack of enough assignable hard buttons - I want to be able to have calender / contacts etc on hard buttons like on my 650
    - screen has a noticable pincushioing in WM 5 (but not in the TREO startup screen).

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    No, I would never go back, once you go T700w you will never go back to a T650. I cannot see what are all the complaints about that people are posting on this is about. Remember, the T650 did not come out of the box extraordinary great, there has been 2 upgrades plus a free 128 SD memory upgrade.
    If the 240x240 is so bad then why does it looks better than the T650 out of the box? Just look at the photos posted. The real only difference I’ve seen because I have both the T700w & the T650 is when you look at the browsers and going to the same web page, you can read the fine print words better in the T650 but it could actually be the rendering of IE verses Blazer, Blazer does a better job. Opera suppose to have a version for Mobile 5 soon.
    EDVO is hot! No comparison! My service for unlimited is $30 not $49.95 that I am paying for T650 service. Oh yea, I have both phones right now for 2 more months so that I don’t pay the cancellation fees.
    Memory problems are not a problem to me with T700w. The T650 can never or will ever be able to run as many programs at one time verses the T700w. I can open my Bible program, Word, SMS, IE and listen to my 2GB of music at the same time. I can listen to music and open another program with T650 but that’s it, maxed out. If that going backwards then Windows98se is better than WindowsXP… go figure…
    There is clarity now. The echo’s are gone… No more echo’s. It was the phone, T650. I had to buy software to hear! That’s crazy, VolumeCare was the solution. Those are petty things T650 loyalist won’t or will not admit.
    How about the random reboots in the T650? Honestly, I had the same lock-ups in T750 but I did a hard reset and it solved that problem, no freeze ups in 2 days.
    I am a power user of Palm and I actually wrote a few small programs for T650, now I will write a few programs for the T700w. I have bought several programs to help out the T650 times 2 because my wife and I have the T650.
    • My Bible – $24.99
    • MobiTV – $39.95 or $9.95 monthly
    • KeyCaps – Free
    • KB Lights – Free
    • VolumeCare Pro – $19.95
    • Technician – $9.95
    • SplashID – $29.95
    • Pocket Tunes Deluxe – $34.95
    • TAKEphONE – $19.95
    Plus don't forget - Voice Command rules!! Not comparison hands down.
    My wife has had Tmobile SideKick I & II, but she loves her T650, she listens to classical music all day at work with her Seido Desk Charger with her Bose Desk speakers. She don’t want to search the web or do anything on my T700w because she is loyal to palm, granted she has a DELL AXIM X30 with 624Mhz that she checks her mail with because T650 doesn’t do it like a pocketpc can, so she says. But I showed her all my emails were on the T700w through ActiveSync, she is jealous, she might change her mind later.
    In conclusion, NO, I would NEVER go back.
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    I'm heading back to the 650. Can't wait. ActiveSync is a nightmare. See my multiple rants. Some nice features, but not ready for primetime indeed.
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    It's a keeper. Major WM5 learning curve and some annoyances, but most have been fixed with a couple good utilities (not a knock...when I had a 650, I also needed things like Butler, Volumecare, etc. just to make it work): MagicButton to CLOSE programs...Tweaks2k to enable page scrolling in IE and other improvements...XCPUScaler....PlaylistEditor...WebIS Mail...Ewallet...
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    Quote Originally Posted by vikingjunior

    No Howard, No Sports, the only two things I would get it for.
    both of these are coming as soon as they can beef up the backbone enough to handle all the traffic, for now i get stern from his usenet group, and i have howard tv at home
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    I just downloaded SiriuCE and signed up for the 3 day trial. Unfortuately I seem to get a lot of "skipping" in the audio stream using my Treo 700W. This happens both when the 700w is connected to the USB port of my computer and also when using EVDO. Any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomBoisseau
    I just downloaded SiriuCE and signed up for the 3 day trial. Unfortuately I seem to get a lot of "skipping" in the audio stream using my Treo 700W. This happens both when the 700w is connected to the USB port of my computer and also when using EVDO. Any suggestions?

    Do a soft reset. In fact, download "SoftReset", and put it in your start menu.
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