View Poll Results: How often are you experiencing lock-ups/freezes?

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  • Never

    12 38.71%
  • Once or twice since ownership

    10 32.26%
  • Daily

    6 19.35%
  • Multiple times each day

    3 9.68%
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    I'd like to take a survey to see what kind of experience people are having w/ the Windows Mobile OS. I'm not complaining, I really love this thing...but wondering if others are having the same issues.

    Are you getting freezes/lock ups:


    Once or twice since ownership?


    Multiple times a day?
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    Got the phone Monday and today (Wed) had to do the first soft reset. It appeared that a message attempted to popup during sync... subsequently taking it off cradle windows were rendering VERY slowly - reminds me of out of memory type issues in Windows. Soft reset resolved the issue. I had not restarted the phone since getting it on Monday.

    Edit/Addition: Holding OK to bring up task manager to see what was running and what memory was free caused hang or was taking too long (maybe I'm impatient)... I just reset the thing.
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    It eems each time I do a ROM ugrade I get a few in the enxt coupla days...after that clear sailing.
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    why/how are you doing a ROM upgrade?

    Has the Windows Mobile software (for Treo 700q) already been updated/revised???

    If so, maybe that's the problem w/ mine...
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    11 days no trouble.
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    for those of us in the "Daily" or "Multiple times each day", let's compare notes:

    what do you use &/or have installed?

    For me: Wireless Synch (always on)
    Pocket Informant

    I've also installed and uninstalled a couple of other apps....and astronomy program and a financial calculator...but they've been removed.

    I'd really love to get a handle on why I'm having to do so many resets!!!

    Any help/suggestions are GREATLY appreciated.
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    I've installed absolutely nothing so far. I had to do a ton of resets the first couple of days but that was due to a bum sd card. The last few days I'm at about 1 reset a day. 64 mb of RAM would have been GREAT.
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    My phone has frozen twice and each time required a soft reset (reboot), which I believe indicates that Microsoft will be releasing a patch. I like the 700w a lot - - Palm's collaboration with Microsoft has resulted in a better product overall, but there are more bugs on this Treo than I had on my 600 or ever seen on any Palm device.
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    Mine ran fine until monday morning when the it stopped syncing and the screen went blank and I had to soft reset it 10 or so times by tuesday afternoon. Tech support had me hard reset it. That didn't really help the sync problem...the screen was still very sluggish coming back up. I hard reset it a second time and didn't insall any software. I exchanged it today. I haven't synced it yet...hopefully it will work this time. I ran my samsung i730 for the last 6 or so months and activesyn worked fine.

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