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    Go to this thread where I describe fixing the "invalid certificate" problem on an SDA through a clue found via Mr. Google. My SSL certificate came from GoDaddy and required special intervention to make ActiveSync play happily.
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    To anyone wanting to do their own cert, I would suggest trying godaddy as Tastypeppers suggested. It's about $20/yr which is dirt cheap. I had done my own cert on my Exchange server, but ran into all kinds of issues. The godaddy cert cleared it up, so its worth the money paid.
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    I have the exact same problem, a self issued cert. I obtained the certificate from our exch server but our network admin issued the cert to our inside server not our outside server so what do I do to sync? I installed the cert on my treo 700w and it comes up invalid. I assume because the names don't match?
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    My office recently installed exchange 2003 so I presume I can now use push email?

    If I use exchange active sync (which I haven't set it fully up yet) I can get email on a schedule. I understand all I need to set this up is to install a copy of the certificate on my treo and to enable the option in active sync. I've added the exchange server but get the error.
    security certificate on the server is invalid. Contact your exchange server administrator or isp to install a valid certificate on the server.
    Support Code: 80072f0d

    I installed the certificate which didn't help.
    Now I get support code
    Your account in Microsoft Exchange Server doesn have permission to synchronize with your current settings. Contact your exchanger server administrator.
    which produces nothing under google or here. ...any help?

    Is the same option available with push email? I really don't want work email in non work hours, and I don't generally need instant access to email.
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    Does your cert have to be a trusted root cert as opposed to personal?
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