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    I just talked with a nationally high ranking contact at Sprint Corp. Since I am publicly posting this, I do not want to disclose the source, but in 2 1/2 years of our relationship his inside information has been spot on 100% of the time without exception. I know that some of you know who exactly (or at least his title) I am talking about as we have PM personally....if you do, you may confirm my post, but please do not share any additional info about the contact.

    Take if for what it is worth. He was dead on when I reported his early information on Sprints EVDO roll out. He was dead on about the 6600 confirmation and it's release and it's time frame. He was dead on confirming the reality of 6700 when it was in question and dead on with the release date. Just to name a few.

    He confirmed that Sprint, unless any unforseen delays come up, that Sprint will be offering the Treo 700w 90 days after VZ exclusive launch. I do have to say that he did express some concerns that they have been seeing with VZ customers concerning the 700w....mainly the lack of memory issues (running out of memory, having to close programs to open others, only 10 mb of memory left after loading OS and PIMs, etc...).

    With all the talk about the carriers being so involved with Palm, it appears that Sprint is concerned with it after seeing the concerns with VZ's customers.

    With these concerns, I wonder if it will effect the Sprint 700w release date....but aparently not at the moment.

    I think Palm really messed up this time with trying to go cheap on the memory....they were able to pull off that stunt with the 650 Palm OS, so I think they felt they could do it again. But obviously must have ignored what must have happened during beta testing and totally ignored the performance difference to all the other WM devices available for nearly 1 1/2 years that have all offered 64 mb of RAM.

    For those who are interested he also did confirm that next month Sprint will release the PPC-6600 flash update to enable the EVDO radio.
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    Thanks for the info ....I believe it!... The 700P thing was WAY to quite, and when you think about it Palm taking on 2 OS is a little far fetched.

    Now about the 700W and the memory and other concerns, is it possible that before Sprint accepts this device that a memory upgrade is implemented?

    Also there is going to be some pissed people around here, like ones who just recently bought tons of Palm software, or the people who write the software. Now giving up my loaded Treo 650 is going to be that much more harder. It would be a high price to pay for EVDO. Hmm 90 days should be enough time to sort the bugs out...Thanks Verizon

    .....Shakes head.....
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    How about a "spot on" report on the Sprint 700P? Surely your source has some skinny on the "P." Your posts have been most helpful and informative. Thanks
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    He did not say anything about a the 700p, and I did not ask either. He did offer that Sprint will be offering a new Samsung phone with a sliding keyboard coming down, similiar to the PPC-6600 is now in Feb or March.
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    That's cold Hobbes. Here you've got a contact high up at Sprint and you don't even *ask* him what Palm OS phones might be coming down the pike. Come on...give him a call back.
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    I was actually on an official call with him with extremely limited time. I had to get the information I needed for the purpose of the call first. I will have a follow up call sometime in the next 2 weeks and I will ask him then
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    I can confirm this because the Treo 700 appears on my weekly inventory list. The Treo 650 is going to be put out of the shelves as of April and we should see the Treo 700. I should also note that the name appears just like that TREO 700 no W or P. So we will just have to sit and wait.
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    Any word on when Cingular will get the 700?
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    FYI, not taking sides, but Brighthand has information that the 700w won't be on Sprint until the summer:

    Also, it is clear that the 700w is a companion product to the 650. So if the 650 is being pulled then it would be most likely for the 700p.
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    It will be interesting to see imo whether the 700p or whatever is released before or after the launch of the 700w on Sprint... hmmm....
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    It will be interesting to see imo whether the 700p or whatever is released before or after the launch of the 700w on Sprint... hmmm....
    Saw this on engadget

    For what it's worth, someone from Sagio just sent us this:

    Hi I am the investment Manager of Sagio , this report is not supposed to be taken out of the website and was not issued today but last month. On the Sagio Investments website our disclaimer is very clear and we have 0 intention of misleading investors with our research. Taken out of its natural context the research might be misleading and as such I would ask you to remove it from your website or at least to stae very clearly that we own 5.04% oF PALM and as such we are not very partial (actually it is the other way around: its because we love the comapont that we acquired so many shares but that concept seems difficult to explain now). Concerning Palm pipeline I would be happy to discuss it with you, by the way at the time of the report (october and the date is clearly stated on page 1) we thought treo 700p would come out at the same time than the 700w now it looks like it will be march. Thanks and sorry for the confusion I just want to avoid misleading investors.

    This goes along with the stroy on palminsider talking about a major upgrade to the 650 when the 700p comes out in Feb. or March
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