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    my 700w has bouts of extreme sluggishness for no apparent reason. no programs are just takes a long time to do simple things (like scroll down the today screen!). Anyone else notice this? I've done a soft reset and it sometimes helps but it seems to come back.

    i am in a poor coverage area and I am wondering if it is searching for a signal so it slows everything else down?
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    Are you using the wireless sync feature? Other applications that may be running in the background though not obvious?

    I found PdaNet slowed down my device.. also the Wireless sync slowed down my device when receiving numerous pushed messages.
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    yeah wireless sync is running but it wasn't getting any messages...

    i have noticed that anytime it is switching from 1x -> EVDO or searching for a cell signal it runs very slow. I guess it is very processor intensive.

    i hope a firmware update comes out soon that fixes some of these little kinks
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    I was having the same problems with the sluggishness, install problems, memory problems and random lock ups but I did the the unthinkable...
    "I did a hard reset and it solved by problems."
    I have not not reset the phone in 2 days since. I also changed the size of my original photos to 90x90 and it made all the difference with my phone.
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    really...hmmm...i might try a hard reset as well. especially since all my data is on the WirelessSync server.

    u just hold "UP" while you reset right?
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    The lack of memory is the reason for the poor performance but you don't need to do a hard reset. A soft reset will do.

    I reset at minimum once a day. Wireless Sync accounts for memory leaks if you have that running. I would start with 10 MB available and by the end of the day see only 2.5 MB with no other active tasks.

    There are lots of 3rd party SW methods to avoid taking off that battery cover. Just pick one that works best for you. You'll also find that resetting before an Activesync session ensures a faster connection.

    Also, Sprite backup performs a soft reset and I do that every day or so.
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    So far the only sluggishness I've encountered was directly after installing an app. It may have been Egress...can't remember. Anywho, uninstalled that and it went back to normal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Calhoun
    So far the only sluggishness I've encountered was directly after installing an app. It may have been Egress...can't remember. Anywho, uninstalled that and it went back to normal.
    Installing an app that has a Today plugin will slow things down temporarily. Any time you do anything to the Today screen, your memory will be used and won't get reclaimed until you do a soft reset. Just changing your wallpaper will use up your memory.

    1. Remove the today screen plugin (Menu-Pref-Today). I've used Egress for a long time and never keep it on the Today screen.
    2. Soft Reset to gain back your memory.

    Even if you want to keep the today screen plugin, just reset and you get your memory back that was taken up during the installation process.
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    i would first uncheck everything in wireless sync and then UNINSTALL IT! crappy program.
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    I hate WS too and prefer

    I wish I could only sync the datebook and I only do that once/day. WS has trashed my data more times than I can remember. I've been using it since it became available in 2004.
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    I had added the today screens from the microsoft and while the wrong size I thought they were working fine. They slowed everything (including the start drop down list) to a crawl. Once I removed them my 700 is back up to speed.

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