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    I guess my question how does it pair without an interface, not adding a bonding code like 0000? Also do you have to charge this thing? How bulky is it? Does the cord get in the way?
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    Quote Originally Posted by karterius
    I guess my question how does it pair without an interface, not adding a bonding code like 0000? Also do you have to charge this thing? How bulky is it? Does the cord get in the way?
    You just put it in pairing mode and put your headset in pairing mode and it does the negotiation.

    You have to charge it just like any bt device.

    It's small (1" x 2" x 1/3") and the cord is short and doesn't get in the way. It also comes with a clip that you can clip onto your belt next to your phone, or you could use the velcro squares provided to attach it to anything you want.
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    thanks for the info!
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    Ok, still fartin 'round with this... Since the common REG HACK makes use of changing the registry, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Bluetooth\AudioGateway
    Edit "BTAGExtModule from "BTAGExt.dll" to BTAGExtModule.dll" (Have to add values) among the other reg settings which I've added all and still no BT VC.

    I was wondering, if the folks that figured this out wants us to change to a different .dll because it most likely includes the AT commands that allows the VC to work.. which to me would possibly mean that the "btagext.dll" is missing those commands. (I found only one reference to this .dll in the registry)

    Could someone compile this .dll to include these comands? OR at least see if these are indeed missing? (Particularly "AT+BVRA = Enables or disables voice recognition in the AG" and "+BVRA = Sends the voice recognition notification to the hands-free device")

    (see this PAGE for additional details on the commands)
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    Quote Originally Posted by dhegge
    Another thread from another forum confirming this is not supported. Damn!

    Have had the 700 for a month or so. Love it. Re: voice has always been stated that ms voice command is not functional via bt headset. However, I have read that some folks have edited the registry in their device so that their last number redial function button instead activates ms voice command...haven't tried it myself yet but will soon.
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    Don't waste your time.. So far, no one has been able to get it working.. Unless you have some superior powers, the reg edits don't work on the 700w.. Share the links if you have reg hacks different than those already mentioned.
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    I read a great article from MS on this and if I can find it again I will post it.

    TO make a long story short, MS wrote the Voice Command software to sample at 16k and the bluetooth standard is 8k. The voice cmd doesn't know what to do with the 8k samples so it ignores it. I say someone needs to make a 16k sampling BT headset!
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    I purchased a new Treo 750 one week ago and I have been testing the Bluespoon bluetooth headset with the Voice Command 1.5 software provided. I'm able to initiate calls from the headset using the provided call button on the headset. This activates the Voice Command software (Ver 1.5) and I can speak any supported command. This seems to function well but after several uses the Voice command software seems to lock up and won't work over the headset or directly from the phone. When operating the call button the bluetooth ICON changes to a headset ICON so I know the bluetooth link is working but the microphone ICON no longer appears. The only solution I have found so far is to reset the phone.

    Also I should note when a call comes in it is not announced over the bluetooth headset only the speaker. This functionality would be great for screening calls handsfree but may be a limitation of the bluetooth headset profile. I have also noticed that if the Voice Command sequence takes too long the headset hangs up. This may be a headset limitation.

    Has anyone else had similar experience using bluetooth headsets or the Voice Command? Does Ver 1.6 of Voice COmmand address any of these issues?
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    Can anyone tell me what voice command software works well with the treo 700p and is there a BT headset that initiate the voice command?
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