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    Is anyone else having trouble reading messages in the pocket outlook? For some reason on a good majority of my downloaded messages the place where the body should be is only the characters NIL)

    I've got it setup as an IMAP account and it syncs just fine over the air and functions normally. But for some reason it only shows that NIL) on some of the messages. I have it set to download the entire message as well as attachemnts <25kb.

    Any ideas?????

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    I know you posted this a LONG time ago... but about half of my messages get the SAME response. NIL

    Anybody have a solution?

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    I never figured it out and gave up on it.... I moved over to the blackberry side and haven't looked back (yet).....
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    It is very frustrating...Maybe I need to do the same (blackberry). I called Sprint CS and they couldnt answer it for me either. Hard to believe only TWO people have this issue isnt it!

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