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    This thread is to confirm WM05 apps that DO NOT run correctly on 240x240 screens. This thread is dedicated to identifying all WM05 capable apps that can run at the 240x240 screen resolution. Some basic guidelines for this thread:
    • If you have confirmation of a WMO5 app that does NOT runs on 240x240, then post it here.
    • Please include a link to the software.
    • Please try to keep this a reference thread instead of a discussion thread..........
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    Wisbar Advance
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    Lygea Pocket 12C
    Atomware Dopeware
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    WebIS Mail

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    Snood by World of Mouse

    Starts fine in free trial mode, but you can't get to (or see) the bottom of the main screen to launch a new game. So I can't verify that the game works for sure.
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    Update on programs that didn't work for me:

    Wisbar Advance 2
    The developer suggested I try the latest version since another Treo 700w user didn't have the problem. I did and it didn't hang my screen. I think it might have been a conflict with a program that I ran prior to it without resetting first. I LOVE Wisbar's skinning but I'm not using it right now because
    (1) it is not one-handed (except the cascading menus). All of the nifty icons on the top bar can't be accessed without a stylus.
    (2) it has a pretty hefty footprint as compared to alternatives (e.g. GSPocket Magic & SmallMenu Plus)

    The beta works now on the 240X240 screen. I don't know when it will be generally released.

    WebIS Mail
    The developer says that the 240X240 screen does work on non WM5 devices and the WM5 version will be available soon.

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