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    Anyone know of a good RSS application i can use with a today screen plugin and prefable a ticker display to sav eon space.

    I have heard of apps like eGress and Newsbreak but do they have a today ticker plugin?

    Any ideas?
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    Hmm...let's see what's missing?

    XnPocket View
    Photo viewer, manager, lab. A little cramped because of the abundance of features, but free, stable, and it works.

    WM5 New Menu
    customizable launcher, hot key selection, free (request donation)
    I use mine for easier file access such as photos, word docs, etc.

    ADBWeather Plus
    customizable weather app, today plugin, free

    Pocket e-Sword
    free Bible study software, a bit touchy because of low mem, but works

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beryl View Post
    Handmark's Monopoly now works! Very cool game. Free upgrade for existing users.
    Does NOT work on my 750. It won't let me type my name in the player name field.
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