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    dont get me started on exchange and IT. I am still trying to get IT to turn on activesync on the server. Chatter had licensed a technology from a company to offer access directly to the server without activesync, that worked as long as you could access OWA. It was push, simpler, and did not require IT Dept help. It also allowed access to folders including PUBLIC folders.

    I had the beta of the OWA chatter. trust me...IT ROCKS (ED)
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    "Give in to your feelings...with each passing minute you come closer to the dark side. Soon, you will be mine!"

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    something else great.....I downloaded express and with EVDO, it is very very very very useful. completely replaces directory assistant
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    I miss directory assist for T650 since going to T700w, what is this program called "express" that you are talking about? Can youpost the link?
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    Quote Originally Posted by riverbruce

    Anybody else like me
    I like You

    And I'm in the same boat. Although I don't live in USA so the 700w is not an option at the moment.

    The 700w looks good with all reports that it is responsive, good screen and all the WM5 advantages like easy access to files, better Internet browser, etc

    I'm going to wait and see while my 600 is still going strong and probbaly bite the bullet when the 600 dies/lost/falls in pool.

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    Similar situation, I jumped from the Treo 600 / Sprint to the Treo 700w with Verizon. Had my phone for a week - and I'm pleased with it, and the decision to move to the WM5 device.

    EVDO so far, has lessened my need for WiFi, although, the ability to do WiFi and talk at the same time is an enticement to get a WiFi card. (If only someone could develop a WiFi / 1GB card......)

    Transition to WM5 hasn't been very bad, only 1 low memory lock up in the past week, but it is a hassle to check and close running programs periodically. Mobile office is better than DocToGo, and I like Windows Media Player 10 better than Real for Palm / pTunes for playing tunes / videos.

    Sprint service in my location is less than ideal -and seeing how much better Verizon is proved to be the factor that pushed me to move carriers / phones.

    Everyone needs / uses these devices a little differently, but in my case, this was the right move, and I really like the phone. It's a very good upgrade from my 600.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brmcguire
    The data fees are not much different then Cingular. Cingular's unlimited data plan is 39.95 and Verizon's is 44.95. I was thinking it was alot higher as well until I moved over.
    Cingular's unlimited data plan (MediaNet) is $19.99 .. rumor is it's going up to $24.95 in near future.

    Cingular's unlimited data plan with VPN is $39.95
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    Quote Originally Posted by riverbruce
    Tempted by the 700W but dying for the 700P
    Read might calm you down,1895,1911101,00.asp
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    Love the 700w so far - It really was easy to set up and get running with Exchange 2003 SP2 - I get mail on the Treo within 5 secs of it getting into Outlook. Not too Shabby.....

    BUT - Does anyone know about Public Folders!!!!

    I need a way to sync public folders - third party or not - anyone? It seems like a holy grail that no one is quite getting right now.....
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    I had used Palm OS for more than 10 years. I did jump ship once for a short period of time, and then returned back to Palm OS. Recently, I had to switch from the 650 to the 700 because some business software only ran on WM5 OS. So here I sit with the 700.

    Some comments:

    First, WM5 OS seems very well thought out in many areas, but not so well in others. For example, it seems to me they spent a lot of time engineering the one-handed navigation of the OS. It is simple to use and intuitive. Additionally, the contact search is also easy to use and very accessable. And, it is easily converted to an email, text message, or phone call. All well thought out.

    WM5 is up to date. It is new, has multimedia capabilities, and is currently being built upon. Yes, there are bugs (some of which have been improved upon in the recent update), but these are the lumps and bumps of early adoption. I do feel that the OS is more stable after this recent update than it was before.

    On the other hand, Palm OS really hasn't changed in several years. It hasn't adapted to the times. If you purchase the NEW 700p, you will get the OLD OS and you will pay TOP DOLLAR for the device. Yes, you will get a better camera and yes you will get evdo, but still you will get an OLD operating system.

    In fact, Palm has a few more morphs before a new OS is implemented, namely the Palm OS Garnet on top of the Linus OS.... I'm sure a treo device will come out with that on it.

    I guess with WM5 gaining more and more market-share and the uncertainty of Palm OS, I think more and more people and 3rd party developers will spend more time with the WM5 OS. This makes me a little skeptical about spending a lot of money on a new Treo with an old OS.

    One thing I was told a long time ago when I was purchasing my first computer was never by a new computer that has older or slower components just because it is cheaper, assuming that you will never use the speed or memory of the more expensive one. As we all know, the software always catches up real quick with the technology and more antiquated hardware is never upgradable.

    I guess I keep thinking about that when I see what is going on at Palm Source. If I am going to spend my hard-earned cash, I want an up to date device with and up to date OS. This is why I have stayed with WM5.

    Just my two cents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pizenson
    I'm in a similar boat with Sprint and a 650... I REALLY want the EVDO to do teathering, but don't like the idea of going backwards in screen resolution, loosing Chatter, and having to purchase new programs for things I already have on my 650. I'm willing to pay the higher price for Verizon's EVDO network... MAYBE... but to loose all the other stuff too is a hard pill for me to swallow.

    I feel much the same what I would like to just jump on the 700w right now and be done with it but, I have all this software that I bought for PalmOS primarily Chatter and that is something tough to give up. I want EVDO for the web browsing, between Xiino and WebPro there shouldn't be very much that I can browse, and I am sure at some point someone is going to come up with a WMA plug in or app so that I could stream my XM radio. All in all I would just like to chill with my 650 till the 700p floats onto the horizon, but its a hard patient wait...
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