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    is there ANY way you can open a calendar entry, like an appointment that includes a dial in, and be able to tap on it to dial? Is there an application that USES the native Outlook calendar that enables a feature like this. it kills me to have to open the calendar item, memorize the number and flip back to the main screen to dial. the Treo 650 at least allowed you to copy and paste the number. It cant be to hard to enable, id imagine.

    It is literally the only thing that the Blackberry has on the Treo 700.
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    I think your last statement should read 'this is the only thing that the BB has over WM5', since this limitation seems to be a function of the OS.

    But yes - it makes me crazy as well.
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    You can copy and paste the number. Simply highlight the dialin number and then hold the stylus on the highlighted number a menu will pop-up with a copy option. This is basically light right clicking a mouse in windows.

    FYI Goodlink will do what you are askiing. Any number can be automatically tapped upon and dialed.

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    i agree...numbers should be recognizable as well as email address, internet addresses, etc
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    Glad to hear about Goodlink (wish it supported Domino Notes).

    It is crazy to have to open a calendar entry in edit mode (which may be recurring and has invitees) just top copy a phone number. Often Outlook thinks the entry has changed and that causes other problems (e.g. WS confusion).

    They should at least let us copy from the main screen so the entry doesn't get modified.
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    I believe you can simply highlight the text / phone number anywhere on the screen and then hold the stylus for a minute and a copy menu should appear. You can then goto where you want to use it touch and hold the stylus and a paste option should appear. This is generic and should work anywhere.

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    Nope. That didn't work on WM2003 and doesn't work on WM5. If you have a number in the location field, for example, the only way you can get to it is by going into edit mode. I've been hating that for over a year now since I have at least 5 conference calls each day with different numbers in this format in the location field:

    (800) 555-5555 Passcode 12345
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beryl
    Glad to hear about Goodlink (wish it supported Domino Notes).
    Coming soon. Going into beta very soon with a target release date of March/April.
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    sure, you can copy the number by holding the stylus, but how and where can you paste it? Not the dial pad. Not the today screen. any thoughts?
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    One... Create a temporary contact called dialme or something simple and then simply paste into the number field for that contact when you need to copy and paste. Now associate dial me with a speed dial key. While not perfect it will let you dial without having to write anything down. I use GL and it takes care of this for you. Of course they have there own Calendar program... I am sure other third party programs would take care of this as well, but alas the integration with sync etc may be a problem.

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    This is a major shortcoming which should have bee resolved by MS long ago and can still be resolved by an enterprising developer.

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