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    I use my verizon phone as a modem with my laptop and have there connection software that basically calls *777 and connects with Quick 2 Net. I have a family share plan and all I ever got charged for is my minutes used. If it was after 9 PM I could surf the web for free ever so slowly!!
    I thought about upgrading my phone to the new 700W so I could leave my laptop at home. I usually only need it for email anyway. Do I have to have a data plan if I only connect with the slow connection anyway?
    I live in eastern North Carolina which is not a Verizon coverage area (Alltel) but I still think verizon has a better connection even though I am roaming on Alltell
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    You probably can get away with connecting to the slow network without a data plan. I personally wouldn't even attempt to do it for fear of getting a huge data charge. the treo just isn't that data friendly without the unlimited plan.
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    What about the price without a data plan or a new activation? When I picked mine up last Thurs., this guy was told to shell out $619 plus tax.
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    I was given that price ($619) and was told I wasn't eligible for any discounts. I am still under contract and since I have the data plan with the 650, they won't give me any discounts if I get the data plan with the 700. Even the sales rep told me he didn't think it was worth $619 to upgrade from a 650. I'm still mulling it over.

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