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    Has anyone else had any problems with reception? If I hold my 700w next to my wifes ordinary cell phone, she has all of her bars showing and I have 1 bar. We both use Verizon. Any ideas?
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    The reception on mine seems to be excellent. I ported from Cingular and, although I have noticed fewer bars in certain areas, the reception is definitely better. And not one dropped call since moving to VZW!
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    me as well...cingular -> Verizon....the switch has been AMAZING. it's like talking on a landline
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    My 700w is great! I'm in a huge concrete block building with no windows, and never drop a call. I'm one of the only people in the place to get great reception.
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    Are you in A Band , B Band or Home mode?
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    I have noticed the same thing when comparing it with my Mototola
    E815(verizon also) phone. One thing to realized at least in my case is, full signal on the E815 is 5 bars, full signal on 700w is 4 bars. Often times I see 4 to 5 bars on E815 and just 1 to 2 on 700w but so far I have had no problems with dropped calls. I will be testing the reception of the 700w this weekend when I travel to see my folks, they are in a fringe area where my E815 just gets 1 to 2 bars. Hopefully the 700w will work, otherwise I will be returning it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shmelty
    Are you in A Band , B Band or Home mode?
    What is the difference and which one should we be on for best reception? Thanks.
    Whitney Roberts
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    yep...i dunno...i just leave it in home mode

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