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    I tried using pocket outlook to manager my email on it's own, but found the wireless sync solution a little better. Only problem is I cant seem to delete the accounts I created in outlook Could someone please help me ?

    and thanks for all of the other helpful solutions!
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    goto the account you want to delete and then simply press and hold the stylus on the name you want to delete a context sensitive menu will appear (Just like Windows Right click on mouse) delete will be on the menu select it... confirm nag prompt and it will be gone. Don't feel bad took me a while to figure this one out. Just sharing the knowledge Geez MS really could have made this eaier.

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    boy do I feel silly,

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    This thread was useful to me too as I wasn't sure how to delete botched attempts at accounts in Pocket Outlook, either.

    I can't even friggin' get Pocket outlook to connect to my exchange server so I'm trying to use wireless sync now and I've followed the instructions so far to the point where it's telling me to go into my programs folder in the phone and download/enable it, but when I do this it's telling me there was a connection problem (despite the rest of the internet working fine and dandy for me).

    This phone is starting to give me a headache. So far it has been harder to setup for email access than my 'antiquated 600' and that's just getting it to the point of functionality roughly equal to my 600.

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