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    Basically I would like to send and receive emails in real time, and preferably sync contacts and to do items live/wirelessly as well which SPCSBC could never do but I always heard they were 'working on it'.

    Anyhow, now that I have this 700w, I see it's got a place for exchange server credentials. I'm an IT guy, I know exactly what the credentials are for our Exchange 2000 server, yet when I enter them and try to send/receive it does nothing. I mean it says 'connecting' but then it just quits after a while with no failure message or anything and I haven't got any email.

    I set this up under 'POP3' email. When I active-synced my phone it put a bunch of my email on the phone under "Outlook Email" but this appears to only by syncing by cable.

    SPCSBC worked so simply I think because it ran as a client on my desktop and just pulled the info off of my outlook 2003 client, and never connected directly to our exchange server. I'm perfectly content with that, or I can be content with direct POP3 access but right now neither seems to be a working option...

    Help! This was supposed to be easy. Should especially be easy for a friggin' IT guy like me. I set this darned Exchange server up in the first place!
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    I can't give you any advice on the Exchange issue, but I think Verizon's version of Business Connect is called Wireless Sync:

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    If you are in love with Sprint's Business Connect, you might want to sign up for SEVEN which is the same as BC. I've used both for quite a while and prefer SEVEN for somethings and WS for others. If I had to pick only one, it would be SEVEN.

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