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    or maybe they can get one off ebay?
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    I wonder if PPCtechs would setup a PayPal donation account to purchase a Treo 700wx at retail so they can figure out the answer. For every 700w user who donates say $50 they get $50 off of the memory upgrade. I have the Treo 700p but would gladly pay a $50 dontation and get the Treo 700w again if I could get 64MB program RAM.
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    or they could purchase one themselves and write it off as a business expense (if they wanted one badly enough)...
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    I'm with oalvarez...I'm not sure how small PPCTechs is but as long as it's not 1 guy sitting in his mom's garage they should be able to write off a $700 investment in something that could possibly bring them $$$ thousands in revenue. Next to the amount of labor they've already invested in this $700 should be nothin!
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    At the same time users who are shouting they want the RAM upgrade may or may not actually do it depending on cost, and what if's (like what if my Treo 700w with more RAM dies and I need a replacement). Costs are costs and ultimately if PPCtechs did something like this a select few would help get them get the resources and in return get a discount. This is of course if PPCtechs would even ask.

    Sure everyone can say buy xzy device and write it off but the money has to come from somewhere and how many Treo 700w upgrades are they really going to do, 100, 300, 500, at what does everyone think the profit margin is, $25, $50, most likely not as much as you think once you add materials and labor.

    It is easy for us to say buy the device, to me its easier to say I will donate and you take the donation off my upgrade charge. I get the money back and they get the resources and ultimately we fix what Palm & Verizon did rip us off on, MEMORY.
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    I'd be willing to donate.
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    Truth be told, I'd be willing to donate too.
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    Ditto here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skipster View Post
    Ditto here.
    And another ditto
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    great, this thread
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    Count me in...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stihl View Post
    great, this thread
    Correct, you are.
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    If I had a wx in hand, I would lend PPCTechs the device as I did with my original w for them to test. I've had Sprint in the past and their reception was horrible where I lived and Verizon, so far, has had the best reception. I don't feel like cancelling my account, paying the penalty, and repurchasing the wx for the sake of having more RAM and getting terrible reception again.

    I tell you my word from experience, PPCTechs is a great company with nice people and they have always assured me that they will cover my device if anything went wrong during the experiment. I took the bullet once for the sake of all us Treo owners and (as I said before) if I were a Treo 700wx owner, I would do it again.

    Count me in for a donation if need be. Once PPCTechs figure out how to get more memory working, I will be sending them my Treo 700w again.
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    Yeah as I said if they need a treo 700w I am willing to send mines in.
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    I haven't heard back from Leonard yet, but I'm sure he is busy. But we do have alot of users willing to donate to ge things rolling. The Treo 700w is a very good Treo but it just needs more RAM.
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    Looks like this is where all us 700w hang that the board is pretty much wx dominated ...Freezing up while browsing large websites on PIE is quite frustrating...will have to wait until my contract is up in another year to get the next best thing it looks like...
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    Bah, I will just get the next Verizon Treo. Hopefully another one comes out in the next 6-12 months.

    The W could be better (ala WX) but it isnt so bad. Everything I do works on it. Granted, going from email to web back to email would be nicer.
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    Decided to Bump this thread up, just to keep the stuff going.... Any news at all on this?
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    Why don't you call the guys over at PPCTechs instead of bumping a thread that makes me hope for the best and then takes me to the new low of my morning...

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