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    Praying for a 64mb miracle, suprise us, why not go for 256
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    So, if they can get the ram recognized, wont we need a "custom" rom each time a new release is put out there? In order for the OS to see the new ram?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stozmon
    The last several posts were totally off topic.
    Oops! There goes another one!

    I monitor this thread because like (some of) you, I am interested in hearing if PPCTechs can solve this puzzle. The delay so far (6 months since they've had their hands on a Treo 700W and counting...) doesn't bode well for a solution.
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    Hopeful, but I am starting to think if the GSM version goes out with 64MB RAM then we will need a new CDMA version late next year with 64MB RAM and all may be mute. But until then I am still hopeful. Considering the Treo 700p but the more I look the more I realize I have to pay for a lot of apps to make the 700p even compare to the 700w. Memory aside the 700w does several things well the 700p does not do well.
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    Yeah, I agree, ppcmd. I don't think VZW is going to let Cingular release a Treo 700w with more memory and not also have one to match it. They may have theirs 3-6 months later but they will get it.

    I may not wait too long however. I'm more pleased with the 700w than I am with VZW.
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    Can't believe it's been another 2 weeks and no news. It doesn't look good.
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    I think it's going to end up being a dead issue. I for one have learned to managed the memory effectively so it's not really an issue.
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    Tend to agree.

    The other thing is that it's been so long that we are probably more than halfway to Verizon releasing a new WM treo (or some other device) in early 2007 anyway, so it would not be worth $100-$150 to upgrade the RAM now. Four months ago I would have done it. Now I've gotten used to memory management and I'm going to buy a new device in early 2007 anyway which will have 64MB RAM.

    The market timing window is quickly closing for me.
    Daniel Levin
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    I don't have the cash to buy another $400 phone. $100 is much more affordable.

    And I'm used to it, but I still am not overly happy about it.

    I miss multi-tasking. Like being able to run Newsbreak and PIE so I can read news headlines and read the news article without having to re-open each app, when I switch.
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    Maybe if the Sprint 700wx really has twice the memory, and PPC Techs can get their hands on one, they can figure out how to up our vzw treos.
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    Thats what I think. I cant quite believe PPCTechs has not been able to figure it out yet.

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    I haven't been following the Sprint phone. Does it truly have more memory or are you just speculating?
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    Just speculation.
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    Darn. Here's to hoping!
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    It's too late now ... moderators, just kill this topic please!
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    I guess you haven't got one then!
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    cmajewsk, .......forget it, ..... it's not worth it.

    If you can't add to or create benefits in a thread, please, just don't reply.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmajewsk
    It's too late now ... moderators, just kill this topic please!
    What is up with you? This is how we all get our frustration out about our phones and it gives us hope that it can be better for those of us that spent 400 to 700 dollars on a phone that is suppose to be the all in one. And besides the memory issue I love my Treo 700w and wouldn't want another type of phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dimitri
    And besides the memory issue I love my Treo 700w and wouldn't want another type of phone.

    AMEN I love my 700w. But if I can make it better, I certainly will.
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    agree. after dealing with palm os since the Pilot, I love WM and the 700. I wouldn't go back to palm os if I had to pay double the price for the 700w vs the 700p. For all palm's supposed simplicity I had to spend way too much $ for third party solutions to make it do what wm does out of the box...and then there's the stability. memory is an issue, but it's not a dealbreaker.

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