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    Thanks for the update Leonard, I'm still eagerly awaiting the upgrade!!
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    Awesome. Thanks for the update, Leonard. And I look forward to sending mine in,.....hopefully.
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    Likewise. Your hard work is much appreciated. I can't imagine how many 700w units you'll have sent in (get ready for staffing, lol) if you do get it running. You will also have a shrine set up in your honor and it is certainly possible that you might be sainted.
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    I'll defintely be sending mine in if I don't get tired of it... Hope you beat me to it, Leonard!
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    Unfortunately, I got sick of the lack of RAM very quickly with my new Treo. I couldn't gamble on the RAM upgrade, and I had to make the tough decision to send it back within the 15 day return period. I hope to get another Treo in the future, if Palm ever decides to do it right.
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    PPC Tech, thanks for the update.
    I eagerly await your success.
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    Great progress... offer still open if you want some assistance with this from Microsoft....I asked them about getting someone from Palm to help but they didnt think they would be interested.
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    Leonard, if PPCtechs can get the upgrade to work I would actually switch back to the Treo700w but I need more than 12MB of RAM. So keep updating.
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    "I just wanted to tell you good luck; we're all counting on you."

    --Leslie Nielsen, Airplane!
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    Lol! Your supposed to say that after Palm comes out with the 750W (or whatever the 64 meg OEM version will be called).
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    Hey Leonard,

    Any more progress to report? Will we be able to choose to go to 128 MB if we want?

    We really appreciate all that you are doing
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    I will send in my three treo 700's for the upgrade.
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    I see your three and raise you 5!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LWesson
    Here's an update for everyone. One step forward, two back.

    We made some more changes to the bootloader and ended up toasting the machine. That's the bad news. The good news is we then removed the CPU and traced out the JTAG port, so we can now recover future trys if we make a system unbootable.

    So we're in the process of buying a replacement unit to continue the work.

    We've been able to extract the proper file for changing the memory allocation in the OS and are debugging it now.

    So we haven't given up and we're still working on it. But it's slow going.

    Wondering if there is any update on your progress. I did opt back into the Treo 700w and would like to get the upgrade once its available.
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    I'm really looking forward to this upgrade. I've looked at imported cdma phones and even switching to xv6700. But the 700w is clearly the most superior phone after the upgrade. By the time the upgrade works the 800w will be out which has amazing specs.
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    is there any real info about the 800? links, rumors, ETA's?
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    If anything it would be a Treo 750w and I wouldn't expect anything for 18 months or so. Palm isn't exactly innovative or quick to update products.
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    GSM land will get a UMTS WM Treo soon, and it is said to come with 64 MB already installed. This part is pretty solid. There are also rumours of it having WIFI built-in.

    Expect to see this on Cingular by October 2006.

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    Well Palm did it again and they ripped off their customers again (if the leaked specs are true). Form factor can only hold customers for so long, but build quality and listening to the features keep them longer. Hopefully Leonard can get the RAM issue solved soon.

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