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    So, is this the answer to the general poor Bluetooth headset performance on the 650? I have yet to buy a bluetooth headset as every one I've tested proves the generally known poor performance.
    Is this 1.2 and can this support other Bluetooth functionality such as stereo headsets?
    I dont intend to seriously look at the 700 until later in the year.... and maybe I will stay with Palm or not... but hopefully the hardware/radio platform is much improved.
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    In a few months the 700w should get the AKU 2.0 update, which will bring push email and some further bluetooth improvements, including stereo sound via Bluetooth (A2DP).

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    I tried the Jabra BT250 headset. Not very good with the Treo. It works but the sound quality is bad. I recently switched to the Motorola 850 - this unit is much better - It is quick to respond to calls and the sound quality is much better than the Jabra 250. The design of the unit is better because it can be shut off and turned back on easily. I used the motorola headset with a motorola phone (razr) and the sound was not that different than the treo 650.
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    What is the AKU 2.0 update? Tell me more please?
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    i use the HBH 660 its Great Sony Erickson
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    I use the moto h500 and it's very good.

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