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    Hi everybody,

    I am thinking of switching to the Treo 700W from my Samsung SCH-i730 and I was wondering if anybody knows if the new Treo can handle multiple simultaneous button presses. This feature is critical to play games and run emulators. Thanks in advance.
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    I have a related question -- does anyone know how to assign an action to the side button? Or other buttons not listed in the StartMenu>>Setting>>Personal>>Buttons app?

    The Buttons app provides a "hold+side" option that is by default set to windows media player. I want to try setting voice command to a simple press (not hold) of the side button. Yes, I'm aware that this may be stupid if accidentally pressed often but I'd like to try it.

    I have tried the various button mapping tools that I could find (vito, etc.) but I just don't see any other button choices in the Buttons app.

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    just select (highlight) the hold side button then go to the drop-down below it and select voice command - press or tap OK and you are all set.

    to the OP - there are a few multi-button commands already set on the 700 out of the box so I would say that yes multiple simultaneous keypresses are recognized.

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    stratocaster -- I also wanted an instant response for voice command, so I elected to change the start button on the front of the unit to call up voice command and changed the "hold side" to bring up the start menu instead.

    My rationale was that you can open any program easily by voice and I am using that button 10 times as often as the side button for the start menu. Also, whenever I am doing anything that is more attention-required I usually am using the stylus. So I can pop open the start menu with that if necessary. Bottom line is it works out great for me and I don't miss the start menu button on the front.

    I have not found a way to map the side button as just a simple button press vs. just a hold. Perhaps Palm thought that the side button was more susceptible to accidental presses, which makes sense when you consider grabbing the phone by its sides out of a holster, etc.

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