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    The nifty software voice mail control buttons that Palm added have stopped working on my 700w. I did a hard reset, and they STILL don't work anymore. My touch screen is not set to "disable" on calls, and in fact I can still use it in call (except for the aforementioned VM buttons)

    I first noticed the problem after adding Sprite beta and Wireless Sync (and nothing else), so they might be suspects, although I'd think a hard reset would undo anything they did.

    Anyone else see this behavior?
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    I can't seem to get them to work either. All I have is the activesync and pdf viewer programs that came with it.
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    yeah they sometimes don't work...annoying
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    Maybe you need to remap your vm buttons to the appropriate alpha numeric number. I had to do that and it works fine for me. Just a thought.
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    Update on the post that started this thread: the good folks at Palm support were nice enough not to snicker when they politely told me that in fact the voice mail buttons never were "clickable" with the stylus. I somehow convinced myself that they once were

    So in my case, the buttons, um, never were, um, broken. They work via the 5-way navigation pad. I guess it makes sense that they wouldn't be screen-clickable, since most people check voice mail one-handed. One wonders, though, why Palm didn't just make them so -- if only to avoid confusion from addled owners like me.
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    well I have another problem. For me they are no longer displayed. I have them checked in the voicemail options. But I just dont see them when checking an e-mail

    Any thoughts
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    I'm not trying to use the stylus on them but when I'm listening to voicemail I try to navigate to the trashcan icon with the 4-way switch and nada, it won't move!

    Ack.. that is frustrating.


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