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    Hello I'm brand spanking new to this site and I was checking out the forums trying to find out if there is a way to have the treo 700w utilize the yahoo instant messages and also AIM... i use to own the IPAQ 6300 phone which included the software but on windows mobile 5 I don't see this there a good software to use for these applications? please assist thank you much!
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    As I have now owned 3 different Windows Mobile devices, I can honestly say there is NO solution as nice as Verichat for POS. (That is when it doesn't crash POS).

    Verichat does not work the same, it reopens the connection to the internet to send all messages back. The SMS feature is not perfect/working correctly. People were using Agile Messenger until it became a pay program. There might be copies of it floating around. Again, there is no simple AIM solution for WinMobile that doesn't absolutely kill your battery life.

    This is why I still have my Treo and Sidekick 2 at all times. When I feel like a uber geek, I bring along the PPC-6601. At that point I can get onto AIM from 6 different locations.
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    I have been using implus www.shapeservices.com . It give you access to all the major chat services, however its been a bit buggy for me.
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    IM Plus also requires a constant connection. It's a shame they all play the drain game. Sidekick 2, again, not to beat a dead horse is the only device I have ever used to be a near-perfect conversion device, it's a shame it has GPRS data speeds and no bluetooth, because than it wouldnt be a question about which device I would ONLY use.
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    I really want a Treo 700w. I've played with them in the store and really dig them. But it wasn't clear from the salesdrones or the VZW website if AOL IM and Yahoo IM were supported. So, I called their 800 number and turns out, NO, neither is supported, but MSN is.

    My wife's $50 phone (on VZW) supports all 3. But no...not a $620 phone. What the heck are they thinking?
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    isn't there a VeriChat for Pocket PC? I would think they would update it for the new WM 5.0

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    See the thread <a href="">here</a>, the same discussion is going on there.

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