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    So I recieved my phone today and went to sync it with my Windows XP machine running Outlook 2003 and I recieve this error:

    Support Code:85010014

    None of my contacts are coming over to the phone. Originally I had setup Active Sync to connect to my work exchange server for MAIL ONLY. I thought that might be playing a part in this so I removed ALLLLL Active Sync profiles, uninstalled Active Sync on Windows, and re-installed. I then also chose contacts only (didn't wany any favorites, media, etc. clouding the issue)... same error still.

    Are other people running into this problem? This is a BIG PROBLEM if I cannot sync my Outlook 2003 contacts with the 700w.

    Thanks for ANY help in advance!!
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    I linked to an ActiveSync Troubleshooting guide in the Synching Forum. Don't know if it will help, but it is worth a try.

    ActiveSync 4.x Troubleshooting Guide
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    Did you do any of the firewall enabling? There's instructions at This helped out my syncing problems.
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    dont worry about that error....pretty soon you wont be able to connect to computer (1-2 days)
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    Are you running Outlook 2003 connected to an exchange server?
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    Well I tried syncing with my girlfriend's computer and it worked (she too has a treo) so like the advice above says, it must be a computer configuration issue.

    I do not have any firewalls running or norton (disabled during sync). That being said, when I try to go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Windows Firewall I get the error:
    "Due to an unidentified problem, Windows cannot display Windows Firewall Settings"

    (Yeah, thanks Bill... informative.)

    So I'm not 100% certain that Windows about the firewall (I did completely disable it originally but that error bothers me).

    Sucks that I might have to format if I can't figure this out
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    I would also try to download the latest version of AS from the MS site first before you reformat. It is worth a shot and has fixed different problems with syncing for others.
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    Will do... thanks. I'll keep you all updated!
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    I tried downloading AS from MS but it did not correct my problem. Also, I receive the same error as mogrefy when trying to view the MS firewall setting.
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    So tonight when I got home from work I got home from work I did a bit more troubleshooting...

    I found a few links to this site (including a post on ExpertsExchange) which has resolved the firewall settings not being able to be displayed...

    Following the reboot I disabled the firewall completely (the registry edit had enabled it). I continue to fail at syncing outlook data, note that favorites seems to sync just fine.

    Next I uninstalled ActiveSync 4.1 and installed it via download from Microsoft's site... still no go.

    I've tried various forms of connecting the USB... through Dell monitor, through cheap cradle I bought on eBay for the 650 (worked great with 650), and also through the supplied cable directly to a back USB port.

    I am now pretty certain that it is something in Outlook... be it bringing mail over for YEARS whenever I moved from system to system or just general corruption (maybe incompatibility with something).

    I guess the next step is trying it on a VMWare image that has Outlook installed with my contacts imported... at this point I just want my contacts on my phone and don't care about installing Apps etc (could use GF's computer for this since it syncs fine with her 700w and her Outlook).

    Thatís the update thus far...
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    Synced okay with a Windows 2000 Server system running on VMWare and Outlook 2003 (contacts imported)... so I am convinced it is my home computer and/or Outlook. Funnn...
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    Adding link to Palm Support Forum regarding this issue, not much activity unfortunately:
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    From the Palm forum referenced above...

    Posted 11:55 AM by sdallenhou

    I finally spoke with Palm. They said this code means that there is a problem with Outlook. The agent said to backup data, uninstall Outlook, reinstall Outlook, and then ActiveSync.
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    And here's a response from

    Response (AJ) - 01/11/2006 11:47 AM

    This error generally occurs due to corruption in Outlook. The resolution is to uninstall/reinstall Outlook. Below are instructions to for this along with instruction on how to backup information from Outlook.

    To back up the Contacts folder, you need to export the folder to a file in Personal Folders file (.pst) format.

    1. On the File menu, click Import and Export.

    2. Click Export to a file, and then click Next.

    3. In the Create a file of type list, click Personal Folder File (.pst), and then click Next.

    4. In the Select a folder to export from list, click Contacts.

    5. If you have subfolders below the Contacts folder that you want to include, select the Include subfolders check box.

    6. Click Next.

    7. Click Browse, choose a location for the file, such as My Documents, and then type a name for your backup file, such as ContactsBackup.pst.

    8. Click OK.

    9. Click Finish.

    10. In the Name box, type My Contacts Backup.

    11. Type the encryption and password settings if you need them, and then click OK.

    Follow the same process for Calendar, Tasks, and Notes.

    If you originally installed your Microsoft Office program from a network file server or from a shared folder, you must install or remove components from that location. If you installed your Office program from a CD-ROM and you've mapped your CD-ROM drive to a new drive letter since installing the Office program, reinstall from the CD-ROM. If you're running any Office program files from the CD-ROM, you must uninstall the Office program and then reinstall it from the CD-ROM.

    1. Quit all programs.

    2. Double-click the Add or Remove Programs icon in the Windows Control Panel.

    3. Do one of the following:
    - If you installed your Office program as part of Microsoft Office, click Microsoft Office in the Currently installed programs box, and then click the Change button.

    - If you installed your Office program individually, click the name of your program in the Currently installed programs box, and then click the Change button.

    4. Follow the instructions on the screen.

    Next reinstall Outlook 2003 from your original installation CD.

    Palm Treo700w Support Team
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    I've only just found this thread whilst trying to fix the same problem, and in my case the solution was far less complex.

    I've just upgraded from a WM2003 to WM5 device. I upgraded Outlook and Activesync and tried to sync immediately after restrating the PC.
    Having had the same error code and tried both USB and Bluetooth syncing I started to read numerous pages about re-installing Outlook. However, when I actually started Outlook (for the first time after the upgrade) it continued to complete the installation process.

    As soon as this had finished I synced again and everything worked fine

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