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    Yay, it works, but does anybody know how I can get napster/wmp 10 to sync to the SD card instead of the onboard memory? I can move it after the fact and the DRM follows it somehow, but I'd rather just have the moblie WMP use the SD card by default (music is stored onboard in \Music).

    Thanks in advance,
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    In Windows Media Player 10 go to the sunc tab. On the left pane you see the songs to be downloaded and on your right pane you see the songs on the device. At the top of the right pane you see a drop down where you can select your SD card. Set up a new partnetship with your SD card, pick the playlist that you want to be downloaded and choose the option to automatically sync.

    Now every time you plug in your treo it will sync the music on the playlists that you selected.

    The best part of this is that you can rate your songs right on your treo and that information will be transfered back to your computer together with last played info etc.
    This is one step forward for man and one huge step forward for people who like to micro manage their media.

    By the way you can also sync pictures and movies!
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    I also posted this same message in a different thread, but it seemed to fit here...


    I'm having a slightly different and very frustrating problem related to the synchronization of DRM-protected subscription music.

    I have WMP10 and it does recognize both my Treo 700 and the 1GB Sandisk SD card inserted in it. It allows me to set up partnerships and synchronization rules for both the SD card and the internal RAM.

    It will happily synchronize non-protected files to either location. It will also synchronize protected files to the internal RAM. However, it will not sync protected WMAs (downloaded from Napster and Yahoo) to the SD card. If I try to do it through WMP, I get an error saying the license could not be obtained. I can manually put them on the SD card by using windows explorer, but (unlike the previous poster) when I try to play them on the device, it pops up an error message saying something about a DRM error.

    Does anyone know what I need to do to get protected files to sync to the SD card???

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