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    I just recieved my Treo 700 today and I love the device! The unit has a much better feel than the 700, plus the keyboard is easier to use in my opinion. I am not slipping onto other letters when typing.

    I will post more of my thoughts later, but would like to know where to get some themes for the 700? The ones that come with the unit are kinda simple and dull.

    Anyone have some good sites that offer themes for the 700?
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    There are loads of sites for Themes. So many in fact, I would simply say to go to Google and type in Windows Mobile Themes. You will have more than you know what to do with!

    Have fun!
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    The themes that i tried that were on my axim x50v would NOT work on the 700w. So maybe its because of the new WM5 or maybe because it needs themes designed for the 240x240 resolution. I don't know. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
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    Yes I know I can search Google for them, however the sites I have found are for the older versions of Windows Mobile or Smartphone. Do you know of some sites that support WM05?
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    Darkorbz is is not a matter of WM05, but rather 240x240 limitations. This may prove to be a challenge for the next 4-6 months when I am sure we will start to see lots of modified themes supporting 240x240.

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