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    I never use Skype, but I know a lot of people here do, so here an article on the Skype 2.0 Beta:,1895,1906595,00.asp
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    A little OT but people who read this probaly have used Skype B4.

    When using "skype" does Sprint charge any extra etc .Can they tell you are making a call through the software (newbie question)

    Would handy for me as I'm Australian living in the US
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    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal
    I never use Skype, but I know a lot of people here do, so here an article on the Skype 2.0 Beta:,1895,1906595,00.asp
    Hobbes: I would have thought that you would have tried this :-)

    I am interested in it as an option if I study abroad this summer.
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    My plan has plenty of minutes (including loads of roaming minutes). Even though I do roam a lot at times when I am on the road, I am rarely out of service with Sprint's pretty good coverage.
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    I installed and tried this and found that it worked great (making calls between my PC and phone over EvDo). However, it is a memory hog and pretty much makes the Treo useless for anything else. Latency was not as bad as I would have expected. Probably would work better on the 6700 because of the extra memory.

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    I've installed the Pocket PC version of Skype on my 700w and it works somewhat. I have a friend overseas that I wanted to talk with regularly and having free calls was the intent. It works very well in text chat. I'm also told my voice is received very clear. My problem is the incoming voice is very choppy. More than 3 or 4 words spoken by my friend turns into garbled jibberish. We've resorted to communicating where I talk on voice while I mostly get answered on text.

    Has anyone had any success receiving incoming calls with clear reception?

    I suspect the small memory size of the Treo may be causing this problem. My overseas friend is on a newer IBM laptop with DSL and using a headset.
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    I've been using skype mobile on my MDA. I've tested it on both EDGE speed (I'm on T-mobile) and using connection to my wireless router. It works incredibly well when I run it using wi-fi to a wireless router (home, starbucks, etc.), but not well on t-mo's data (Edge) service. I think it just comes down to a matter of the speed of the network. Unfortunately, it doesn't mean much for many of you on 700w because you don't have wi-fi, but I do believe the problem is a matter of the speed of the network carrying it. When I'm using the mda's wi-fi, i'm using true broadband speed.

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    I've used skyoe a couple times to talk to brother. It wworks pretty good voice is relatively good both directions. Couple drawbacks though. 1) Like someone said the treo is pretty worthless during a skype call. Do skype and that's it. 2) You need to use a WIRED headset otherwise the sound will come out of the speakerphone.

    Hope this helps.

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