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    When I rip a DVD to a digital file, what settings would be best for viewing on my 700w?

    I put a 360x240 video clip on it, and it is like a thumbnail in the middle of the screen, this doesn't make much sense since the screen is only 240x240.
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    24 hours and no response... Does this mean I need to figure this out for myself? Is anyone else curious?
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    Optimized DVD compression settings -

    240x192 resolution

    Manually set 24 frames per second in the output options

    FM Mono quality sound, 32kbps

    Quality settings at slightly above 50%

    With these settings: I ripped Fight Club into a 144 meg file that plays perfectly in media player on my 700.

    I used Pocket DVD studio to rip, the newest version does WMV compression (the previous only did .avi.).

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