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    Hello all,

    First let me start by saying this a great forum. Folks seem genuine and very helpful - so, thank you.

    I'm new to the mobile computing topic as well as this board and I have a couple of questions. I am considering the 700 and the xv6700. I actually ordered the 700 and should have it today, but upon further reivew the xv6700 has given me pause. I was really excited about the 700, but now I'm not so sure.

    What are your opinions on these phones? What are the major differences in them (remember I'm a novice)? What are the advantages and disadvantages to each of them?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I have had the 6700 on Sprint and have the 700w on Verizon now.

    The 6700 is a do-all mini-laptop powerhouse, but I found it quite a bit more cumbersome to use foe phone and other quick-use items. After having that device I was convinced that I would always have an exposed keyboard device in the future.

    That said, I have run out of memory on the 700w and have had a couple of occasions where it came to a crawl and had to be reset. My 6700 never ran out of memory, but it locked up two times upon incoming call.

    Nothing is perfect. I myself need to decide between my Blackberry 8700c and the Treo. The Blackberry does less, but does it flawlessly and with ease, the Treo does more but has "limits".
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    Not to promote another forum, but there are some great user opinions in the 6700, 700w and the 6600 forums on this very supject on PDAphoneHome that might help.
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    I am also considering changing to one of these units from the BB 7250. My question is whether I will get a email address to forward my corporate email from/to? As it stands now, I forward from POP3 mail using the BB vzw webclient. This enables me to keep all email on Outlook and BB.

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