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    Question about wireless sync. I am love how any changes I make on the desktop are synced with my PDA and any new e-mails are sent right over. Thats great. My question is why are changes made on the PDA not synced with my desktop outlook? I mean when I send an e-mail from my treo it does send that over to outlook. Why not any appointments or tasks?

    Thanx in advance
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    They are synced, but they are cached to be more efficient. Do this to see it:

    1) Change something on your PDA.
    2) Change something on your Desktop.
    3) Check your PDA and Desktop. Both devices will have both changes.

    Verizon has it setup so that changes made on the PDA wait for an incoming change and then piggy back on that. At least, that's what it does on the 600 and 650.

    Some changes will happen immediately - changing a message state from read to unread and few others, but some will be cached.

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