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    still trying to figure out how to download all my messages from my different email accounts

    i created accounts but i want to delete them. does anyone know how to delete email accounts. i cant find the function.
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    To delete an account, go to messaging, tools, options; you should then see a list of accounts, click and hold on the one you want to delete, after a couple of seconds the delete option should pop up. Select it and it should be deleted.

    HOWEVER, I have an email account that I did not create, called Outlook Email, that does not appear as a selection to be deleted, but appears as an email account. I can't get rid of it. Very annoying. It, among a number of other items, is making me lean towards ditching this device and buying a 650.
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    I could be totally wrong...but I think that has to do with Syncing with your Outlook account on your desktop. It does no harm sitting the list and will not bother to sync wirelessly to drain any additional resources or battery life. IMHO, hardly a very concerning reason to return it.

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