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    im looking to change all my ring tones and notification noises.. i noticed that they are all MIDI format as defualt (what came with the phone after purchase) I want to make or get my own from the web.. and i have no idea how to do it, heh. how to get them to my phone etc where to save them IN the phone and what THEM actauly is ( what formats can i use ).

    can anyone help?

    can i have mp3 ringtones? can i have mp3 notifications or wav?

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    I put this in my Window Mobile FAQ post. The link should answer most your questions:

    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal

    I want really Loud Ringtones, Alarms, or System Sounds!
    If these to be louder after you have already turned up the volume all the way, then you need to make the sound file itself louder. Below is a link to a thread with two free programs that will give the opportunity to convert any sound file you need to and to increase itís volume.

    I have also already increased the volume in a lot of sound files and uploaded a whole collection for you to use.

    Loud Ringtones!!!!!!
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    i had mp3s i used as ringtones on my 600 on my sd card that i'm now using on my 700w. in settings -> sounds & notifications -> manage, locate your mp3 file and then go back to notifications & use it as a ringtone or system sound.

    also, hobbes' post for loud ringtones is totally helpful. gotta love audacity.
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    thx guys, yah the loud ringtone post is helpful hobbes, thx again for it.. but it dosnt cover what types of files I can use as ringtones and notifucations... so I can use mp3's on the 700 Roogolly?

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    I can only answer for WM03......system sounds are WAV ONLY files. Ringtones can be WMA, WAV, Midi, and MP3.
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    hobbes is right. from the ms website (don't know why they don't list mp3 as a supported ringtone file format, but...):

    For ring tones, you can use sounds in.wav, .mid, or .wma file format. For notifications or reminders, you can use .wav, or .mid.
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    If you want to use a MP3, I would use the link above and convert it to a WMA, it will save a lot of room and make for a faster load time or more play time for the same real estate.

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