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    I just ordered the new Siedio Shield holster for my new 700. Has anyone tried this one? It says it works with the 700 and 650. What concerns me is that it works with both the 650 and 700. I know that the 700 is a bit differnt- If anyone has tried this could you please comment on it's fit for the 700. Thanks
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    Can anyone comment on a good holster they are actually using with the 700?
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    using the Seidio holster here:

    works great and has swivel.
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    Does the holster depress the buttons or otherwise interfere with the buttons?
    I have heard mention of the 650 cradle case/holster not working with 700w for some reason and had wondered what it was due to. My emails to Seidio have gone unanswered...

    To be clear, this particular case holster works without difficulty?

    I'm hoping so... I love the holster that my BlackBerry 7290 uses - so easy to access under a suit or sport coat...
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    no button interference. The holster that I am linking to is quite easier to use. Just point the top of the holster towards the front and when you need to remove, just press on the top and grab the phone with one hand.
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    Thanks.. that is the one I have had my eye on... now if I can just get this darn ActiveSync to recognize the USB connection!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fafafoooey
    using the Seidio holster here:

    works great and has swivel.
    How long ya had it?
    Just call me Berd.
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    I have the seidio skinned holster and it will NOT take a 700. I tried it in the VZW store. The bottom of the 700 is more thin AND rounded, and the 700 is overall a tad shorter than the 650 it appeared. It was just loose in the holster and the top clip of the holster will not hold it down. I dont know about other holsters. Hope this helps. Which got me thinking about car cradles/GPS. How will they hold the 700 down if they are bought for the 650? NO WAY!
    The dongle for the cable may be the same part in both though.
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    Well I must say I was not sure the Seidio holster was going to fit my new 700 but I got it today as promised from Seidio ( next day air ) at it fits pretty good. I treid it out on a 650 also and it fits both the 650 and the 700 the same. The only complaint I have is the the belt clip doesn't accomodate thick belts- the clip won't close all the way if your belt has any thickness at all and is prone to comming loose. I still recommend the holster. I haven't noticed any problems with it pushing the buttons- the inside edge of the holster prevents the keys of the phone from mashing into the holster.
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    Our cradle type holster will fit both Treo 650 and 700. Our Springclip holster will fit both Skinned Treo 650 and skinned Treo 700

    David Chang
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    Seidio will reelase the skin and holster to work with skinned Tre 700W in the week of Jan 16.
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    I bought one in 1/05 - loved it but it broke in the arch in 5/05. It was replaced by Seidio under the 6 month warranty, then in 12/05 it broke in the same spot but now not covered by warranty. Only 6 months from original purchase.
    Had lunch with a Treo friend. Told him the story and he pulled out his Seidio Holster. He say this is his second in 8 months. His first broke within 6 months in the arch. Now his second is starting to crack too!

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