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    Is anyone aware of an alarm clock app that's compatible with the 700 / WM5? Something akin to Butler for POS. The built-in Clock & Alarms app just doesn't cut it for me. I especially need to be able to customize volume and repeats. I tried Spb Time and Nyx time and a few others I can't recall at the moment, but each either failed to work at all or wouldn't "wake up" the Treo from standby state.
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    I use SPB Time for my alarms. But their site does not say if it is WM05 compatible. It is good enough it is worth an email to them and ask if it is and if it works okay with 240x240. Here is a link:
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    I had it on my XV6600 and now loaded on my 700w and it hasn't caused me any trouble yet.
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    Unfortunately, SPB time didn't wake up my Treo for some reason (the alarm would only go off when I turned the Treo on manually), although other than that it's excellent. I did manage to find a great little (free!) program called Alarm Clock that works great with my 700w. The alarm goes off even when the Treo is off/standby, which is pretty critical, and there are volume adjustments. The only issue is that when setting up the alarm in the Settings menu, the page is clearly designed for a 240x320 screen, so some of the options are not visible on the Treo. I'm still able to "save" and "ok" at the bottom of the page by using the 5-way navigation pad to get there, but it's like groping in the dark. If anyone should decide to install this on a long-screen PocketPC, would you mind enlightening me about what options are at the bottom of the page? Many thanks!

    Oh, the program is available at
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    Quote Originally Posted by greendrinks
    Unfortunately, SPB time didn't wake up my Treo for some reason (the alarm would only go off when I turned the Treo on manually), although other than that it's excellent.
    I had the same problem. This is what I did. I figured that I'll be charging the phone everynight (following the recommendation in the manual). So I unchecked the box "Turn off device if not used for" under "On external power" in the Advanced tab in the Power settings.

    The LCD backlight will turn off but the phone will remain on while it is being charged.

    When I did that, the alarm worked fine.

    Yeah, I wish it would just wake up my Treo, but this work around doesn't bother me too much.

    Hope this helped.

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    I went ahead and installed your app on my 240x320 and the bottom has an OK button a more info button that is the same as the usual "about" button, then above that is a check box for "use buttons to stop alarm" which you can check by pressing u, check box for "screen off until next alarm" select this by pressing a, check box for "suspend-mode disabled" press s. Then I'm guessing you can see the rest since you mentioned volume control.

    I'm on the road and downloaded that alarm clock file but couldn't unzip it. After an hour browsing in PIE for a free zip/unzip utility in cab form I found CompactZip half way down the page. So far it looks to be a nice little freebie.

    Thanks greendrinks for telling us of what looks to be a great alarm clock.
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    I just tested that alarm out,,,,

    that's great,,,,I'll use it since I can't even find a built in alarm on my 6700 but my wifes going to Kick my @$$ if I use that default beep
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    eds23, thanks for the workaround. That is good to know that the screen will turn off, so I will keep it in mind as a backup solution.

    Tem-- thanks for following up and glad to know it's working for you as well! Definitely helped me to know what those hidden settings are for.
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    Thanks for the tip, green. Spb alarm was starting cause error messages when I used Sprite backup. It is history until they provide an upgrade.
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    Nice find. What sound seems to be loudest?
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    another good one is PTravelAlarm- also free (last i checked) it comes with some very good alarm noises that remind me of regular alarm clocks.
    on my WM devices for the most part i use SPBTime though
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    I've used several alarm apps on PPC's through the years, and this is the only one I've found to be ultra-reliable in the long run: Chronos. It costs $9.95, but it's worth it and very feature-rich.

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