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    Battery life does seem to be affected, but not totally sure.

    It will reconnect when disconnected.

    Attachments seem to be a work in progress.

    Sending seems to work.

    One thing I am doing is using the push transport to triage mail, and using an account with the standard imap transport to really work email with attachments and such. Being that it's all IMAP and they all stay in sync, this is working surprisingly well. I'd watch for releases from him more frequently.

    Using a transport to do this rather than write an entire email app from scratch is really a work of genious in my opinion.
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    is there a way to monitor multiple IMAP accounts with the PUSH transport? Also is there any way to change the "reply to" at the time a new message is sent?
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    Can anyone with a 700 provide confirmation that VGSMail works on this device?
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    Looks like he has an official WM5 version ready for download:

    You have to run a setup program to enter some account information but it seems simple enough. Also, attachment support will be added in a few days. There are reports that this is working reliably with other WM5 devices.

    I don't have a 700 yet to try this out. Can anyone confirm that this works reliably with the 700 and will reconnect to the network automatically after a soft reset? Also is there a major hit to battey life?
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