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    This post is being copied almost directly from a similar one that was made for the 600 and 650 forum a while ago. May I suggest the following forum guidelines:

    Before you post a question, please do a search to see if it's been answered before. We are a very active bunch and the odds are high that the question has been asked and answered before.

    If you do a search and the item is not there, by all means post! That's what we're here for. Please post in the correct forum, though. Only items that are Treo 700w/wx hardware specific should be posted here.

    All other posts will be moved. If you have a comment about the case, put it in the accessories forum. Software? We have the Windows specific software forums.

    If you have a problem with Treocentral (coverage, spelling, personal appearance) please direct those comments to the Treocentral forum (though it looks like no one reads it, all mods do and will notice something there before we will here).

    Of course, to make this system work, visit the other forums! They're fun too! Don't make them feel left out. Although the 700w/wx is Windows based it is also a Treo, a surprising amount of information is common across device types. If a T700w clique forms here, we are depriving the rest of our experiences.

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

    And as always, please keep in mind other guidelines:

    No warez, cracks, serial numbers or other form of intellectual property mischief (including copying of news articles). Additionally, nothing that violates property protection measures nor links to such devices will be accepted. These are all illegal and wrong.

    No flames. Don't insult people. Even if they disagree with you. We do not stand for that.

    Thank you for your continued cooperation and with everyone's help we can grow these boards while maintaining the level of respect and discourse we've had through the years.

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