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    I had all kinds od trouble with that beta software. I am at least going to wait until it is actually released. I had to factory reset my phone after messing with it for a littlw while. Things just went haywire for somee reason.
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    In Orlando - are you runnING AT 1X OR EVDO?
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    the pdanet beta works well but disconnects when running slingbox. Any suggestions? i already told pdanet
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    adamG, I am pretty sure I am running EVDO. It says EV on the today screen. and I am pretty sure orlando has it. I thought I should be getting better then 20k

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    I have installed PDANet for the Treo 700w and it works great. Installation was very straightforward and took no more than 5-10 minutes.

    I am in an EVDO city and when I have 4 bars signal strength, the speed is DSL comparable. When I drop to 1 bar, I still get better than dial up speed.
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    i want to use slingbox with EVDO also... i hope it won't disconnect. please post if you learn anything about this. also hoping they get slingbox for mobile soon too. that would be great.
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