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    I was just reading about MobiTV for the 650 and tried the demo. very impressed. If this was available for the 700w with EVDO, this would be VERY cool! you could then have LIVE TV anywhere you go AND I think EVDO allows you to still get your phone calls.

    Can anyone confirm this or add any info/experiences? It would be cool to watch LIVE TV on EVDO network and have the phone still ring when a call comes in.
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    evdo does indeed allow you to still get your phone calls, it suspends the data when a call comes in and then resumes after you hang up
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    I saw MobiTV in Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show. Very impressive when shown on the 650, but a bit choppy due to streaming speed. They told me it should be available within a few months for the 700W.
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    Yeah, I also can't wait to see MobiTV vid quality on the 700w. Although I expect it should be about the same as as on the Tx which also now is supported by MobiTV via wifi streaming...of course the screen rez on the Tx is much higher...
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    I just saw a VZ RAZR streaming video via VCast. The quality was incredibly good (on the RAZR's small screen).
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    plus - if you use the Palm Wi-Fi card on the 700, you can watch TV AND TALK at the same time, as long as you're using a hot spot for your data connection. That card allows an 802.11 connection AND a voice connection, at the same time.
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    its gonna be sick
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    Any one know when mobitv for the treo is comming out?
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    I miss MobiTV from my 650, but I just got ORB to work on my Treo 700w tonight so now I can watch cable or satellite from home for FREE.

    Check it out at

    This is the coolest thing since sliced bread, now only if the Treo 700w would stop giving me out of memory errors.
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    Smartvideo from works, but $13 a month. Seven day free trial.
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    Thanks for the heads up on Orb! I've been blowing my friends away all day, this really is an amazing (and free) application!
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    Hi there - as has already been noted, we are working on MobiTV for the 700w and hope to have it out there ASAP. Incidentally, we demoed it this week for Steve Ballmer . No promises on exact timeline, but things are moving, which is great. You can certainly expect good speed on the streaming, although the much smaller screen size does mean some tradeoffs on readability for things like news tickers. We will most likely support a few other Windows Mobile 5 devices at the same time.

    Thanks for your interest and sorry I'm getting to the discussion a little late...
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    I've been streaming live TV on my PPC6700 WM5 phone for a while now via Orb. It's a priceless application, and I can see every TV show I get at home. EVDO is fabulous for streaming video.
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    Okay, so now I have a huge question....

    Does orb have to be on the computer that I sync too? I have a huge media center that I use for just watching TV and basically as a TIVO on roids... can I use to push the signal to my treo 700?

    And, on my old iPaq's I could always access the net while I was hooked into the cradle/using can I do that with this? Am I stupid or just not remembering how to do it.

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