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    According to the user guide, the Side button can be used to create new note with a voice recording. However, I have not been able to get this to work. Does anyone know if this is really supposed to work and, if so, how to set it up?

    "To quickly create a recording, press the Side button. When you hear the beep, begin your recording. Release the button when you are finished." p67 of "Treo 700w User Guide.pdf"

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    I've missed that function of the side button on the Tungsten T with the T600 and T650
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    I've brought this thread up because I have the same problem. The manual say as jcase4 stated above. I tried changing the button command using the "Buttons" program in Settings. At first it was set to "Hold Side" and was assigned to Windows Media. I changed the assignment to "Notes" which didn't do anything other than start up the Notes program. Anyone understand this "buttons" program?


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    I contacted Palm and confirmed that it was a mistake in the User Manual. Here is their response:

    After reviewing your e-mail we were able to duplicate your issue on our end. After consulting with our engineering team, they confirmed this function is not currently supported on the device. To create the voice Notes, you will need to use the record button located in the application. That particular tip was left in the manual in error, and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

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