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    I've been a happy WM05 and 700W user for about a day now. Overall quite happy with the device.

    I'm wondering if there is a setting in the mail app to leave messages on server as most other POP3 complaint apps have. I haven't seen anything so far and didn't really plan on the handheld being my primary email device. Any ideas?
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    I am looking for an answer to this question also.

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    Oops, thought I could help due to the title, but I am a 650 user using VersaMail. In this set up, my mail remains on the server -- only copies come down to the Treo. I must delete them item off my Treo and select remove from server, as well, to get them item erased from the server.

    What does the 700W use for email? A mini version of Outlook? Any drop down help screen functionality?
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    Leave on server is the only thing you can do with pocket outlook. It does not remove messages from the server. The question should be is there a way to remove messages from a POP server using pocket outlook.
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    It removes mine every time from the sever.
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    There is an Outlook setting, "Leave a copy of messages on the server". Perhaps the M5 version has a similar setting. Unfortunately, it's an all or nothing setting; you can't adjust it message-by-message like ChatterEmail or Snapperail does. Is there another email client for the 700 that has this functionality?
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    Mine never removes the messages from the server, when I go home I open up outlook and all my messages are there. The problem is that after i download them at home using outlook, next time i do a send receive from my 700 the messages are removed from it.
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    I tested this again, what happens is when I get new e-mail on my 700 and do not delete it, it will stay on the server, if I delete it on my 700 then it deletes it on the server, I have a iPaq running WM5 and it has an option you select to "leave copy on server". With this selected, a copy is left on server regardless if I delete it on he iPAQ. I have not found the same option on my 700 even though it is also WM5.
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    I found that with both ActiveSync and Wireless Sync and for me it left the messages on the server.
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    My gf picked up a Treo 700wx after I told her the PalmOS version would be akin to beating herself with a blunt object. She came to me with the same problem, some emails were disappearing from the webmail for no apparent reason, and not available to her laptop Outlook.

    We delved into this today when she found a message which did the same thing. She had a better idea of what was happening: she deleted the message in her POP3 account in Pocket Outlook. Sure enough, the email disappeared from webmail, and hence the server.

    Server logs confirm this behavior. After she deleted the message, Pocket Outlook connected to the POP3 daemon and deleted one message. Whammo.
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    Last Friday my 700w developed this same issue. It worked flawlessly for over a year, then suddenly, without warning, began eating emails. I have had to delete the email function on my phone to prevent losing critial communications. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    why not just fix it with a behavioural adjustment.

    don't delete emails on the Treo until you've downloaded them on your PC.

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