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    How do I reassign the "Messaging" button on the today page to another program? I tried the buttons control panel, but it doesn't have an option for that hardware button. I want it to pull up my goodlink mail, not the built in outlook client. Does anyone have any ideas??
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    Download a demo copy of Tweak2k2 to remap Today's softkey, you are all set.
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    Treo 750 hacks thread.
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    I put step by step directions on how to change your hardware buttons here:

    WM Easy of Use / One Hand Tips Thread
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    I just visited your link, there was no mention on how to change the default applications that are mapped to the hardware buttons. I need to know how to make the green phone button, display the dial pad? or atleast have the dial pad be the first item when the phone is turned on. on a treo 700w BTW not a ppc-6600
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    Here is what I said in the link above:
    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal
    To map your buttons to launch those most used apps with one hit of a hardware buttton, go to Start Menu>>Setting>>Personal>>Buttons
    Let me know if this does not work on the 700w
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    it did not, in the list of buttons was only the OK button, the phone and others are not listed. there are sever "soft" buttons but that was it.
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    Palm did highly modify the OS. Can someone with a 700w in hand share where to change the hardware buttons on it.
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    I don't believe you can change those through the ui as they are factory preset. However, someone might know a reg hack you can use as that would be the only way I think you could do it.
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    As with other PPC Phones (XV6600, i730), only certain buttons are visible to the OS and are therefore reprogrammable. In the case of the Treo, and the other phones I've listed, that list is limited to those buttons listed at Start --> Settings --> Buttons.

    There have been some minor registry adjustments made available to the "SEND" and "POWER/END" buttons to provide them adjusted functionality (like to make the XV6600 turn off by holding the END key).

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