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    nrosser -- another idea (that I just figured out not too long ago) -- set up a fastmail account in outlook. 'course, if you can't add an email account b/c they've locked it down, this won't work. Then move or copy all of your incoming email to a folder you set up in fastmail. Voila! You get the emails on your phone via your email client hooked up to fastmail, and you only deal with them once -- if you delete it on fastmail, it'll be deleted on your desktop. And with fastmail, you can use a personality and reply with your work account, even on the go. Works great for me!
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    Is your OWA working through SSL (https port 443) or straight through http (port 80)?
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    Is anyone else having problems with winmail.dat (tnef) attachments using Ricochet's method? I've tried getting rid of all of the rtf settings without any success.
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    Yeah, there is a problem exchanging RTF with folks who don't use Outlook -- you should set your email to compose in plain text only. I've used html for a bit, and that seemed to work, but once in a while, someone would complain about something weird, so I went back to the plain text, and haven't had any problems since.
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