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    I currently own a VZW Treo 650 and I was wondering if you can put on the 700W: Express, TCPMP, FileZ, mSafe and Resco Backup (that is basically all I have added to my 650)? Are these programs made for WM5 also? I also have a 2GB SD San Disk card, what size card does the 700W accomodate?
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    Go to the WM Apps forum....There are loads of links to find just about about any software you want for Palm on just have to verify they have a WM05 version that will run on 240x240 screen.

    But to answer your question specifically:

    Express = and should work on Treo okay
    FileZ = Resco File Manager
    mSafe = Various security apps. I use SignatureWise.
    Resco Backup = Sprite

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