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    I am thinking that the 700w must be reset more often than palm thanks to the windows mobile OS and multitasking ability. Am also thinking that this is not such a bad thing really to keep performance up. Am I wrong here?

    And is there a program where I could install to the programs listing to soft reset via a 'click' of the stylus instead of removing the back cover each time and risking a break in the plastic?
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    I've had mine since thursday morning and i've done one soft reset.
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    Always look here first for a huge range of freeware.

    You may like this one
    and here is a list from a search

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    -let me put it this way.....I've still got my 700, the 650 went out on E-bay (and back to my 600) because the resets were so bad. Now, mind you, I've had resets about once a day, but nothing as bad as my 650 was out of the box.
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    Quote Originally Posted by surur
    Anyone try this on the 700w yet? Does it work with WM5?

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