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    I really hope this works on the Treo 700w, because I have been using BT GPS with voice prompt turn by turn directions for over a year now on my WM03 PPC-6600 and could not live without it.

    There is nothing cooler than being with your boss, the National Director, and the VP in a car trying to find a location and saying "Don't worry, give me a minute or two and I will get you the directions"....and pull out your cell phone, a beeper sized device and 3 minutes later hand him your cell phone that is now talking him through how to get to our destination! They were a little more than impressed and in awe.

    There are several different GPS software solutions and BT GPS units currently available. This is a thread dedicated to working out which ones work best with the Treo 700w due to WM05 and the 240X240 screen.

    If I had to do choose only one place to buy my GPS software and BT GPS device I would choose . I have purchased several times with them and have always had competitive pricing and GREAT customer service. In fact if you join the Club you will get two 10% off coupons for Semsons that will more than pay for the club membership.

    I am not sure on WM05 compatibility for some of these, but I know TomTom for sure has their WM05 update out....or concerns with 240x240...again which is what we aim to find out.


    NOTE: Version 3 is now released as of July 2006. I have updated the following review to include the new functionality of this new version.

    This is my personal favorite. It is easy to nav. Good POI library which comes in very handy when in a unfamiliar city. The menus are logical. It automatically switches to night time viewing, which is nice. It has real time weather reports through your data connection. And this is the ONLY GPS Mobile software that comes with BOTH full WM version AND a full PC Laptop Version! Two programs for the price of one!

    Here are some of the new features with the just released version 3:
    • Now compatible w/ HP HW6500, HW6900, & Treo 700w
    • New! 240x240 square screen support (as well as 320x240, 240x320)
    • New! Multiple stopover/waypoints
    • New! Itinerary planning (user-defined trip order)
    • New! Detour by distance or avoid road
    • New! Shortcuts to "Home" (user-defined) & POI subcategories (program default)
    • New! Trip status box simultaneously displaying ETA, distance, remaining time, and speed
    • New! Trip computer displaying start/end time, total distance traveled, average & top speed and Trip stats recording
    • New! Updated Navteq map now including Alaska & Nunavut province
    • New! New GUI w/ enlarged menu buttons & font size
    • New! UMPC/Car PC version bundled
    • New! Bordered roads
    • New! Railroads & major roads marking
    • New! Enhanced 3D display

    I tested the new version out this weekend. I was again very impressed with this product. I loved to be able to remaining miles, what time I will arrive, etc.. all at once at the bottom screen without having to take my hands off the wheel to scroll through each one individually.

    I also loved the detour option. On the way back home Sunday night from my parents house about an hour away, there was construction on I-5 bringing traffic to a halt due closing 2 lanes. I simple told iNav to avoid I-5 and get me home. It took me from the next exit to home with ease and was very good at the back road route it chose.

    I also love the new interface. I found myself needing or wanting the stylus in ver 2 to enter in an address. Now will never need anything other than your finger.

    Bottom line, Ver 3 has upped this GPS software option several notches from the top place I had it at already.

    Here are some screen shots:

    I have to be honest and say that some people love this one, but I have heard a lot of people say it is okay but they liked TomTom or iGuidance a lot more.

    But due to 700w's smaller window this may be the best one?!?

    Mapopolis Navigator

    A lot of people that have used Mapopolis have liked it. I personally have not had the opportunity to use it or even see it action. Maybe someone here that has could give a review of it.

    TomTom Navigator 5
    Now this is one I really want to try but haven't yet. Everyone that uses it seems to like it, with only concern I have ever seen expressed with any frequency is that it is light on the POIs. A lot of people who have posted on other forums that has used TomTom and iGuidance have been torn about which one they like the best. There is a WM05 update.

    To see a complete overall review of how each of these plus many other GPS Software solutions performed side by side the look here:

    I know the date showing is old, but the author and owner of the site assured me that even though features have improved with each title's newer releases when compared against each other, nothing has really changed. As you can see their number one pick is mine as well...iGuidance!

    Right now there is a general consesus that the three top three BT GPS units out there are:

    1) i-Blue High Sensitivity Bluetooth GPS Receiver (Auto On/Off)

    This is the one I just bought. It is based on new generation v3.7 Nemerix chipset. It is a little less sensitive than the below, but it has a 30 hour standby battery life with 24 hour plus hours of actual use. Plus it is the only BT GPS unit to automatically go into sleep mode when it is not connected to a BT device for so many minutes. i-Blue Bluetooth GPS receiver is capable of tracking 16 satellites simultaneously. The cold start time is 46 sec. on average and tracking is better than -152dBm

    It just arrived today so I am hoping to play with it this weekend and I will let you know what I think.

    2) GlobalSat BT GPS Receiver BT-338 (SiRF III)

    BT-338 contains a built-in SiRF III Low Power Chipset to achieve high sensitivity. It can run up to run up to 15 hours with 20 hours trickle power mode. It also has 20 channel all-in-view tracking which I think is what helps gives it its extra sensitive edge.

    3) i.Trek M3 Bluetooth GPS Receiver (SiRF III)

    I have the one version older than this one and still use it today without a lick of trouble. I was really impressed with this one. i.Trek M3 Bluetooth GPS receiver is capable of tracking 20 satellites simultaneously. This translates into superior sensitivity and excellent TTFF (Time to First Fix). Cold Start to TTFF is 42 seconds typical. It will operate up to 15 hours even at full speed.

    What to see them all? Browse over to here:

    This is one of the smart investments I have made for my WM phone. I hope we can find the best match solution for the 700w as well.

    Please make sure that when / if you decide to buy a BT GPS unit and software and you get it through Semsens, then make sure you buy it as a bundled pack and save a lot of money ( )

    I hope this helps and cannot wait to hear how some of these work on the Treo 700w.
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    Nice comparison Hobbes. How do you mount your you use a window mount or a vent attachment? (If your really a pic with your setup.)
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    I use to use a vent mount but I snapped the hooks for the vent on the mount. So I just got a new Windshield mount today with my new iBlue GPS unit. It doesn't look like it is the best mount, but it also looks like it might surprise me when I try to mount it....but since it was free with the order I cannot complain. If it does not work I am seriously looking at one of these windshield mounts from . Since I rent a lot of cars I have a preference with the Windshield mounts because you never know if you can attach a vent mount on some of these newer cars with weird vent designs.

    When I get it all set up right next to my Sirious Sat Radio, I will take a picture of the whole set up and post it.
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    Are there any GPS solutions out yet for the 700w? Everywhere I go, all I see is GPS for the 650?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I posted a thread on GPS software and BT hardware solution possibilities yesterday:

    Add GPS, you won't regret it if you travel....
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    Thanks Hobbes. I know that some have the WM5 updates, just wanted to see if they actually worked with the Treo at 240x240 resolution.
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    Mapopolis works in 240*240 and also in WM5.

    For Palm devices, there may be need some kind of GPS solution. But in PPC field, you just need buy a GPS receive (bluetooth), choose a map program, you are all set.
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    Treo 750 hacks thread.
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    Thanks Neuron for the confirmation for Mapopolis!
    Quote Originally Posted by cellneuron
    Mapopolis works in 240*240 and also in WM5.

    For Palm devices, there may be need some kind of GPS solution. But in PPC field, you just need buy a GPS receive (bluetooth), choose a map program, you are all set.
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    Did you find out if I.Guidance will work on WM5?
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    Not yet...I have two postings over at GPSpassion and an email into the iGuidance tech support. I will post whatever feedback I get as soon as I get it.
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    I found these comments on other WM05 device forums:

    This work on my 6700 with WM05:
    OnCourse Navigator 5
    Teletype World Navigator
    Just got the patch for iNavcorp's iGuidance and it works great w/ the PPC 6700 now
    So it appears that these programs work great on at least another WM05 device. Now just to see if we can confirm they work with a 240x240 device......half way there!
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    Thanks for the update. I will keep my fingers crossed for the 240x240 support!!
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    TomTom supported 240x240 on the hw6515 and is supposed to be WM5 compatible.
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    Thanks for the info ppcmd. I am looking into either TomTom or I.Guidance.
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    Sedio will release a GPS bundle next week (1/10) which includes

    1) G2200 car kit for 700W
    2) Seidio RBT-2101 Blue tooth receiver (SiRF iii chip set and 17-20 hours battery)
    3) for software, you can select iguidance or Tomtom 5

    Seidio will also offer an optional Blue tooth charging cable so you can charge BT receiver from G2200 car kit

    If you are looking for skin and carrying holster for 700W, Seidio will also offer
    the skin/holster combo in about one week from now.

    David Chang
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    The two GPS threads should be merged. There is great info in both.
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    Maybe I'm confused, but there is some form of GPS locater ability in the device, and from appearances it looks like it can output to a virtual com port. Can this not be used for GPS software?

    Chris Green
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    I'll second the recommendation of buying from Semsons. Great prices and great people. Joining the club will save you a few bucks more (and support another great online community).

    I just got TomTom 5 for my Treo 650 as an Xmas gift. Prior to that I had been using Mapopolis on my PPC. Each has strengths/weaknesses, but I really like TomTom's finger-friendly UI.

    I also just got a new BT GPS which I think deserves to be included in the list of the best of what's currently available. It's the Holux GPSlim236. It uses the SiRF Star III chipset, so it's super-sensitive and quick to get a fix. It's also very tiny and has a removable battery. It's claim to fame is that it has a mini-USB port which allows you to hook it up to a laptop or a Treo using a special cable instead of using BT. Why would you want to do that? For a Palm OS Treo 650, this would enable you to use the Treo's Bluetooth for a BT headset. For a WM5 Treo 700w, that shouldn't be a concern as you should be able to have multiple simultaneous BT connections. Still, it's a nice feature to have. The GPSlim236 also claims to support user-installable firmware updates, but I'm not sure if Holux has released any, so it could be a feature that's never taken advantage of.
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    Has anyone been able to get TomTom5 Nav 5 installed on the 700? The setup program crashes and a call to TomTom only got me a "we don't support the 700 because we haven't tested it yet" answer...

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    I haven't been able to install TomTom navigator 5 on the 700. The setup program crashes and TomTom support says "we don't support the 700 because we haven't tested it yet". Anyone else have better luck?

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