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    Quote Originally Posted by killian8 View Post
    Also, has anyone been able to get a BT GPS receiver and a BT headset to work at the same time on a Treo 700w. Thanks.
    I don't currently have a 700w, but I know that there are several here that have. Since you only have 32 MB of memory (13-18 usable after OS and factory installed apps are loaded) you need to make sure that as many extra programs, utilities, start page add-ons, etc... are closed....I mean actually closed not just minimized. This should help resolve your problem.
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    Well I went ahead and sprung for a GlobalSat 359W with a powered mount from semsons (great folks to buy from, btw great cs).

    I'm trying to decide between TomTom6 & Iguidance 3.

    Would it be wierd carrying a BT receiver in your pocket + 700wx?
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    Quote Originally Posted by twitch75 View Post
    Would it be wierd carrying a BT receiver in your pocket + 700wx?
    Better than taping to the bill of your hat!
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    I've always liked TomTom, but I went ahead and upgraded to IG3. It's very good. Best of all the maps are miles and miles more current than TomTom 5.

    My friend has TomTom6 on his Treo700w, and when it's running it's much smoother than IG3, but it takes about 30 seconds for it to initially load. While it looks like they have updated some of their maps, it still doesn't place my home in the right spot (one block away) and it is SEVEN YEARS OLD. The streets are there, but they are not addressed properly. IG3 gets me to my door.

    And usually with both phones, due to the lack of memory, if we receive or try to make phone calls the map software closes. Although it seems the IG3 will stay open more often, than TT6.

    I'm happy with IG3. I wish TT6 would get better maps, come down in price, and the 700w would get more memory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aznspiki
    what's the difference between these two.

    i.Trek M5 Bluetooth GPS Receiver (WAAS, Auto On/Off)

    i-Blue High Sensitivity Bluetooth GPS Receiver (Auto On/Off)

    i picked those 2 because they are auto on /off but what's the difference between those 2. the price is same tho.

    Since I haven't looked in detail at the chipsets since I bought mine, the best place to get specific details is Great resource.

    I can only speak confidently about the iBlue as that is I have and use. I like it because it goes into a sleep mode. I am horrible at remembering to turn it off after a long day on the road and then check out of the hotel the next morning only to find I left it on. If it does not detect BT signal it goes to sleep and then wakes up when it detects BT signal from your phone again. It wakes up nicely too.

    I had a iTrek before my iBlue and like it alot as fact my wife still uses it.

    As for the two listed below they use the same technology, have the same stats, same sesnitivity, lock on time, standby time, etc....

    I don't think you could go wrong with either of them.

    If you have time the only question that might be worth looking up on the net is if one or the other have any pairing issues with the 700wx. This is usually not a issue, but once in a while a phone and BT device just don't like each other.

    I have been really happy with my iBlue......but I have not kept up to date with any new releases since I bought mine.

    Other than that, both look good.
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    Here is a great article reviewing all the latest versions of the GPS software options out there right now. Though I do question some of the observations as he states that iNav does not have a manual detour option, when it certainly does. Anyways it is just another resource for those looking:

    Best GPS Solutions
    7 Top Global Positioning System (GPS) software solutions
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