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    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal
    I really hope that iGuidance comes out with a 240x240 compatible version because IMHO, this program number one!
    Response received this afternoon after I left a message for tech support earlier today:

    "We will be releasing v2.2 early 4/06 and this version will have 240x240 screen support."

    Update: Latest info is end of May.
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    GREAT!!!!! I am glad to hear well of several of my friends when I tell them!
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    I've got less than a week to make my final decision.

    I'm still looking for a side by side comparison/review of TomTom and CoPilot6. I have CoPilot on my Treo 700 but I'm not sure if there are any advantages to TomTom?
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    Have you tried browsing They have forums, reviews, and a great community.
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    Is anyone successfully using GoodLink and TomTom Nav5 on their Treo 700w? GoodLink uses quite a bit of program memory and I am concerned that TomTom will put it over or near the Treo's limit.

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    On the 650, if I haven't soft reset in a while I will occassionally get "not enough memory errors" to launch TT. This has nothing to do with total free memory it seems but with heap and DB cache.... a cache flush or a soft reset solves the problem.

    Good, from what I read here likes memory as all powerful programs do, and if it's downlaoding huge sets of e-mails and attach,ments I can see any handheld running into possible resource conflicts.
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    I purchased a GlobalSat BT-338 and CoPilot Live 6 for Treo700w today. The receiver should be here tommorrow and the nav software should arrive on Friday. I decided on CoPilot since it is supported on the Treo 700w. also gives the app kudos.

    Thanks for the input, JackNaylorPE. After GoodLink fires up, I have approx. 8 MB of free program memory. If the nav app needs more memory than the device can supply with GoodLink running, I can always shut-down Good. I *really* shouldn't be responding to emails while driving.

    I will let everyone in this thread know of my experience swith the BT-338 and CoPilot after I have had a bit of time to test them. Good luck to you all.

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    Let us know how it turns out Eric.....and say hello to big brother Elvis for me....I have all his albums.
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    Quote Originally Posted by buzzword
    No, I think you're right, TomTom doesn't speak streeet names. I haven't seen that mentioned with any other any of the PPC GPS programs speak street names?
    CoPilot Live 6 speaks street names.

    *EDITED* CoPilot Live 6 *does not* speak street names. I read in a review that it did. Now that I have the product in-hand, I can confirm that it will not.
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    So far, I am pleased with the GlobalStat GlobalSat BT-338 receiver and CoPilot Live 6 for Treo 700w.

    Pairing the receiver to the phone went well and stays paired until I remove it out of range. The 15 hours of battery life is sufficient for my use, as I keep it powered via the cigarette adapter while driving. It automatically powers down after 10 minutes if a bluetooth link is not in progress. I believe recharge time was approx. 1 hour. TTFF is fast and accuracy is great for my usage. This device is tiny and very light. It is smaller than the portable laptop mouse I use. It has feet on the bottom that prevent it from sliding across your dash. This works well for normal driving. I will probably attach some velco or sticky tape on the bottom to prevent it from hitting me in the face during extreme breaking. =)

    CoPilot works well, as long as it has enough memory to do it's job. Running GoodLink and CoPilot simultaneously on my Palm can take the device to very low program memory levels. This sometimes affects route calculation over more complex routes. I don't experience this problem if I do not have GoodLink resident in memory. CoPilot has taken me to every destination I have programmed flawlessly in Memphis, TN and surrounding areas. Several of these addresses were "in the sticks". I have had no trouble navigating through the user interface, even while driving.

    I did find an issue transferring maps to my Palm via ActiveSync. The application does not correctly recognize the amount of free storage on my 2GB SD card. This prevented me from installing all of the US maps (approx. 1GB of data) via the Data Tranfer Wizard. CoPilot support is aware of this issue and is working on a fix. Until the fix is available, they provided me detailed instructions for transferring the data manually. Since I have transferred all of the US data to the card, this process will not need to be repeated and was a minor inconvenience.

    Only time will tell, but I am impressed with preliminary usage of these products.

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    i read elsewhere that tomtom5.21 is compatible but you have to upgrade from a tom tom 5.0 install is this true?
    I would like to buy a bluetooth reciever that can hang on my keychain and i pair it up with my phone while in the car.
    Any reccomendations?
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    I'm ecstatic that iGuidance will be compatible with the Treo 700w. I'm thinking of getting either the GlobStat or the Trek M3. Based on this discussion it seems both are compatible with the Treo 700w and seem to pair just fine. It also seems that the battery life on the Trek is better with much less charging. Any other head to head specfic comparisons before I pull the trigger?

    Thanks as usual!
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    Quote Originally Posted by AKay
    i read elsewhere that tomtom5.21 is compatible but you have to upgrade from a tom tom 5.0 install is this true?
    I would like to buy a bluetooth reciever that can hang on my keychain and i pair it up with my phone while in the car.
    Any reccomendations?
    You have to:

    1) create a folder on your pc and copy the tomtom 5 CD "disk 1" files into it (lets name the folder TT5)

    2) download and unzip the 5.21 update into another folder called TT521

    3) copy the setup.exe file from the TT521 folder into your TT5 folder

    4) Go to the TT5 folder and run the setup.exe file (ie. the updated 5.21 exe you just copied into it)

    5) Go to the TT521 folder and run the setup.exe file from there to install the 5.21 update.

    It's the setup.exe file from 5.0 that craps out so that's why you need to use the 5.21 setup.exe to do your base install of 5.0 (5.1? I don't recall what comes on the actual disks)

    If you poke around here, there are instuctions that are a little more detailed (i.e. If I recall correctly, they suggest rebooting the device between steps 4 & 5) but this is basically the sequence. It works fine once installed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AKay
    i read elsewhere that tomtom5.21 is compatible but you have to upgrade from a tom tom 5.0 install is this true?
    I would like to buy a bluetooth reciever that can hang on my keychain and i pair it up with my phone while in the car.
    Any reccomendations?
    I'd suggest a car cradle with built in receiver. A BT receiver with 20 hour battery life won't help ya if ya Treo battery dies 4 hours into a 6 hour trip. It also eliminates the "I trying to run twin BT devices and Treo suppossed to do that but mine behaving badly" issues.

    There's a sticky which details install procedure in the Palm OS Apps section. Much of the steps would be identical for WM5
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    Thanks for the help guys.
    Now that i have the VPN capibilities down the GPS will help me immensely and have me love this phone so much more!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal
    GREAT!!!!! I am glad to hear well of several of my friends when I tell them!
    Latest iGuidance update, received today:

    "Yes, we are adding and working on the 240x240 support to our v2.2 (part of the reason for the delayed release). Current ETA for v2.2 is mostly end of May 2006."
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    Cool....did they say anything about upgrades for current ver 2.1 owners?
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    No, but I didn't ask since I don't currently use it, I would be a new customer.
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    I spent some time yesterday looking at Mapopolis with the Teletype Bluetooth receiver on my 700W. I was completely unable to get the GPS applet to work. As I understand it, that applet is supposed to sandwich itself between the GPS receiver and the appliactions, so that more than one application can share the GPS receiver. Anyway, I set both ports on the applet to (none) and then paired the GPS with the Treo using COM4: and everyone was happy. What follows is the writeup is did for work. You won't follow the local references without a map of Boca Raton, but I think the text makes sense anyway.


    I installed the Mapopolis demo on my Treo 700W. It works properly on the small (240x240) screen – something that many Pocket PC apps do not to.

    First Impressions:
    • The maps are better than Pocket Streets, but (due to the small screen size) lettering for street names, etc. sometimes obliterates map features.
    • Their Points of Interest could use updating. They have the Mizner Park Amphitheater just south of City Hall. City Hall itself is not a POI
    • It could not find “201 W. Palmetto Park Road”. It did find the intersection of W. Palmetto Park Rd. and SW Boca Raton Blvd. as well as with NW Boca Raton Blvd
    • I asked for directions to my home, in Delray Beach, and specified that I did not want to use Freeways or Toll Roads. It took me SOUTH from City Hall one block, then around the block to pick up Palmetto at the RR tracks, then North on Federal to Delray. It took me over a nonexistent road into the back of my development. I have seen that error before, but the 100’ long segment of road in question has not existed for 15 years!
    • I was able to pair the Treo with the Teletype GPS, and connect it to Mapopolis – NOTE: the GPS applet on the Treo did not work. I made the connection directly.
    • I had the program compute the route to my home in Delray Beach:
    1. It would not do the route from the intersection of W. Palmetto Park Rd. and NW Boca Raton Blvd. but DID compute the route from W. Palmetto Park Rd. and SW Boca Raton Blvd.
    2. going North, it actually took me South one block on SW Boca Raton Blvd. to SW 1st St, then around back to Palmetto Park Rd, and over to Federal to go North.
    3. I told it to avoid freeways and toll roads. It did but the route it chose was not what I would have chosen – Federal North to Linton then over to Congress – almost guaranteed to maximize the time caught in traffic.
    • I followed the suggested route – almost. Where I deviated, first it suggested I make a U turn – “If Possible” and then, after about 1000’ on the new route, it recomputed the route to my destination and resumed the directions from where I was now located. Very nice.
    • When giving directions, it starts about .2 miles before the turn, and warns you twice before the actual turn.
    • I found it annoying that it zooms in on the approaching intersection just before a turn, and then zooms out to show the entire route as soon as you have made the turn. That’s personal preference, and maybe it can be turned off.

    Based on what I’ve seen so far, I would recommend the software. For hardware, if the user wants a cell phone/PDA/GPS all rolled into one, probably the Treo 700W is the best hardware, although the 2” square screen is small, but the maps display clearly. For a device that is going to be used primarily as GPS, I would recommend the Dell X51, for its low price and high screen resolution; but the ESRI software will also run on that platform.

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