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    Applies to CDMA as well. My wife's VZW Treo 650 does not work well with TomTom and a BT receiver and the Acura HandsFreeLink and this has been discussed at length in other threads. Atmos114 is probably the first person in the history of the world that has multiple BT devices truly working simultaneously on a Treo 650. That's not to say that one can't pick up the second the other drops, but truly operating simultaneously, like talking on a headset and picking up the GPS signal was physically impossible to my understanding.
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    Ok, the GPS is actually sending signal to carputer. dumbass wasnt thinking before i typed. But i was browsing the net on my carputer via dun on my treo, and at the same time was talking to my wife on the phone via bluetooth headset, (i actually visited a website i hadnt been before just to make sure it wasnt going offline during the call)the phone and carputer connect via bluetooth, so i guess its just 2 devices, but thats more than one.
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    So i get this cool new i-Blue and TomTom... The i-Blue seems to pair but I can never get the GPS View utility or TomTom to recognize it...

    There do not appear to be any drivers for the WM5 OS for the i-Blue and I cannot get the GPS to stream data that is interpretable by either application.

    Has anyone successfully used an i-Blue with a Treo 700w?

    EDIT: I don't think it is actually pairing... acting like the i-Blue needs to be reset, but there is no provision for it...
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    Got the i-Blue pairing now and working with TomTom... Had to fiddle with the outgoing port, GPS Settings too, and TomTom... funny thing about TomTom it is a little slow to initially recognize the device and the prompts such as No Valid GPS signal have to be interpreted in conjunction with the i-Blue light pattern... I did email TransSystems in Taiwan, the makers of the i-Blue about the need for updated install documents... unless an application is accessing the i-Blue, one cannot really tell if the pairing is successful - kind of a weaker Bluetooth config GUI in WM5 vs previous OS versions - not an issue for headsets and simple BT devices but for GPS I did have to play around with the ports, com settings, GPS Settings before getting TomTom to recognize it... makes me wonder how the AVERAGE tech consumer gets by with some of this stuff... Semsons is a good company, BTW. I like their relaxed and knowledgeable character - hours are limited for tech support and they know their products.

    The i-Blue is a nice little unit, uses a mini-USB connector for charging - works with BlackBerry iTip and Monster i-Tip car charger... I used it all day yesterday (8 hours of active use, about 36 hours of standby) left it on standby over night and this morning when I went to charge it the light flash indicated it didn't need charging... wow.

    The initial (1st) time-to-fix (TTF) took about 20 minutes without canopy and open sky view... kind of worried me and the TomTom software kept giving that No Valid GPS Signal... but then it locked and it seemed to track the satellites in most places even in a 3 story concrete parking garage!! Would not work in my 1-story 3 bedroom ranch, however. After the initial TTF the rest of the time it varied from 1 - 5 minutes - still amazed me how it was able to keep a signal once fixed in more obstructing canopy (green or concrete) but takes so long to get fixed once a signal is lost.

    The Arkon 9" suction cup mount is much better than the one I have from them that is 2 years old. Works perfect in my LandRover, next to the dash mount XM Roadie2, above the ProClip mount holding the iPod mini and Dension cradle. I hate wires and loose items; bounce around way too much when off-roading - I tolerate the Monster i-Tip because it is so versatile and portable and the rest of the tech stuff gets permanent mounting and cables hidden. Will probably work a more permanent mount for the Treo 700 despite the fact I'll add a dedicated GPS easy to pull up streaming video and web casts now when on the road =8-)

    i-Blue: good marks on cost, power consumption and run time, decent marks on maintaining fix, worried mark for TTF and BT set-up
    TomTom 5.2: nice application, rates for being so much like the dedicated and in-dash touch screen GUIs; worried mark for installation and patch upgrade; if it wasn't for the users in these forums many users and even the OEMs wouldn't know how to work with the Treo 700w.

    I do think I'll keep the i-Blue and try out another SiRF III BT unit... I am picky about TTF...

    UPDATE 01-30-06
    The i-Blue suddenly stopped working this past 2 days. Cannot get it to work any longer. Really weird... it goes through pairing just fine, then the additional configs... but nothing can access it. Tried a utility that is known to work with WM5 to no avail.

    Anybody have a 700w working consistently with BT GPS and can recommend it?
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    Is it just me and this i-Blue or are others having problems with BT GPS on the 700w in terms of pairing stability and connecting with the BT GPS device?

    I'm in a quandry... I need a working solution ASAP!! Like by tomorrow...

    Does anyone have a working BT GPS device on a Treo 700w to recommend?
    If not, then how about a tethered one (Holux)?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal
    I really hope this works on the Treo 700w, because I have been using BT GPS with voice prompt turn by turn directions for over a year now on my WM03 PPC-6600 and could not live without it.

    There is nothing cooler than being with your boss, the National Director, and the VP in a car trying to find a location and saying "Don't worry, give me a minute or two and I will get you the directions"....and pull out your cell phone, a beeper sized device and 3 minutes later hand him your cell phone that is now talking him through how to get to our destination! They were a little more than impressed and in awe.

    There are several different GPS software solutions and BT GPS units currently available. This is a thread dedicated to working out which ones work best with the Treo 700w due to WM05 and the 240X240 screen.

    If I had to do choose only one place to buy my GPS software and BT GPS device I would choose . I have purchased several times with them and have always had competitive pricing and GREAT customer service. In fact if you join the Club you will get two 10% off coupons for Semsons that will more than pay for the club membership.

    I am not sure on WM05 compatibility for some of these, but I know TomTom for sure has their WM05 update out....or concerns with 240x240...again which is what we aim to find out.

    This is my personal favorite. It is easy to nav. Good POI library which comes in very handy when in a unfamiliar city. The menus are logical. It automatically switches to night time viewing, which is nice. It has real time weather reports through your data connection. And this is the ONLY GPS Mobile software that comes with BOTH full WM version AND a full PC Laptop Version! Two programs for the price of one! I am checking on WM05 compatibility right now at Here are some screen shots:

    1) i-Blue High Sensitivity Bluetooth GPS Receiver (Auto On/Off)

    This is the one I just bought. It is based on new generation v3.7 Nemerix chipset. It is a little less sensitive than the below, but it has a 30 hour standby battery life with 24 hour plus hours of actual use. Plus it is the only BT GPS unit to automatically go into sleep mode when it is not connected to a BT device for so many minutes. i-Blue Bluetooth GPS receiver is capable of tracking 16 satellites simultaneously. The cold start time is 46 sec. on average and tracking is better than -152dBm

    It just arrived today so I am hoping to play with it this weekend and I will let you know what I think.
    Okay, I just spend a week on vacation in Southern Cal and used the iBlue with the latest updated version and maps of iGuidance on my PPC-6600 every time I got into the car.

    I did not have a lick of trouble. The iBlue TTF was really fast, the sleep mode worked great (when the whole week with extensive use and forgetting to turn it off half of the time with only charging it once), and paired with my phone with no problem.

    I was also using the updated version of iGuidance, which one it's improvements was better BT connectivity. The POI were what I expected (except they did not have any In and Outs listed in them ), it found gas stations, banks, theaters, and accurately for me.

    I really hope that iGuidance comes out with a 240x240 compatible version because IMHO, this program number one!
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    The i-Blue is acting flaky with consistent connection... I had it working for about 10 hours last night after having to do a hard reset on the 700w to recover AS connection... Then suddenly, it is back to the initial wierdness... it pairs, allows outgoing com link to be made, and GPS manager is enabled or disabled... still will not work with the i-Blue. I'm supposed to receive an iTrek M3 today and will update on the progress...

    The rest of the BT devices, My Plantronics 640 and BT AS are working, but no go on i-Blue after an initial though brief success, prolonged failure, then transient recovery after the hard reset...

    It seems there is some oddness specific to the 700w and BT GPS. I tried pairing with my colleagues 700w that I have here while working on his AS issues... same behavior from the i-Blue with a different 700w. Darn... this much work just to get a connection!!!
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    Wow...there just might be something with the 700w specifically working with the iBlue. Mine worked great out of the box and solid for the last 4 weeks or so with my 6600.

    I would contact Semsons and the manufacturer of the iBlue and share your situation and that it is doing it with two 700w. I had a similar thing with the 6600 and ThinkOutside BT mouse and keyboard. They came out with an update shortly after that fixed it. I do believe the GPS units can be flashed with an update if needed.
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    Yeah... already contacted both with the initial issues. They both declare the 700w is too new and everything is simply untested. The weird thing is that I had it working briefly... during that time everything worked great and the battery life is amazing... I think there might be something with the suspend / sleep mode and not being able to wake it out of it... but then again one would think if you turned off then on, repaired and it was in alert state there would be no problems... that is not the case....

    I really like it when it worked for a while - just like it should be, relatively uncomplicated =8-)
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    Just a thought, but has your iBlue worked with anything else? You said you tested it with two 700w's, but have you tested it with a non-700w? If that works, then it is likely a problem with the 700w, but if you still have problems, then maybe you have a defective iBlue. Just a thought.
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    yup.... worked with other iPaqs and laptop.

    I've got the i-trek m3 working just fine now... i-Blue and 700 is flakey.
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    Same here, I.guidance cannot detect my but it works. I have a 6700 btw
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    but my laptop detects it
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    Also check out CoPilot version 6 for the Treo 700. Just released by ALK Technologies. I am a long time CoPilot user on my old iPaq and really like the software and support.
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    I just bought TomTom5 and the iTrek M3 mentioned in Hobbes' initial post.

    TomTom 5.2 was a pain to install (ie. 5.1 + 5.2 patch) but I could not be more pleased with the M3, it works like a charm and goes a long while without recharging.

    The M3 also does auto off according to Semsons web description although I haven't tested that functionality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by buzzword
    TomTom 5.2 was a pain to install (ie. 5.1 + 5.2 patch) but I could not be more pleased with the M3, it works like a charm and goes a long while without recharging.
    I'll say, that instructions thread should be made a sticky
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    I just purchased the GlobalSat BT-338 and TomTom Navigator 5 for my Treo 700w. The install was a pain but it is up and working now. I was previously using the free trial of Mapopolis and wasn't a big fan of the software because of the lack of 3D view and wasn't real impressed with the map routing.

    I like most of the TomTom features so far, but I am disappointed that it doesn't seem to do text to speech for the street names. Am I missing something?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CarolinaPen
    I like most of the TomTom features so far, but I am disappointed that it doesn't seem to do text to speech for the street names. Am I missing something?
    No, I think you're right, TomTom doesn't speak streeet names. I haven't seen that mentioned with any other any of the PPC GPS programs speak street names?
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    If you use the computer voice, mapopolis willl say street names. But tis reviewer reports problems with the outer voice. If you use downloaded or voices you made yaself, then neither uses street names. Seee this com parison of the two programs
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    Quote Originally Posted by buzzword
    The M3 also does auto off according to Semsons web description although I haven't tested that functionality.
    Just an update to my original post for anyone considering an i.Trek M3. I does have auto off, I tested it.

    It shuts itself off a few mintutes after losing the bluetooth connection.

    For the record, I could not be any happier with the M3, highly recommended without reservation.

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