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    Ok.. I would like to free up some memory by disabling/uninstalling Verizon Wireless Sync.

    Oh the i730 it was very just went to add/remove and uninstalled it.

    Oh the 700w there is nothing in add/remove to uninstall

    Any ideas?
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    You might want to call VZW on that one if a hard reset isn't the only option. I like that the cab file is not built-in like it is on the XV6600. Everytime I did a hard reset, it would re-install the same old code.
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    You can see if it is in ROM by using resco explorer or just the builtin file explorer. If it is in ROM, there is no way to uninstall it. But you may still can disable it.

    1. Download memmaid from
    2. There is a tab for startup service/applications. You can disable all services you don't like, just as you use msconfig in windows xp (Did you ever use it? )

    Good luck.
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    Treo 750 hacks thread.
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    Just discovered that it is not installed! The icon in programs is there to install it if you like by first downloading the app from VZW then it installs it

    Im so happy

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